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Best Dog Trainers in Boston, MA

Best Dog Trainers in Boston, MA | BetterVet

Are you the proud pet parent of a puppy or dog but think they might need to brush up on their obedience skills and manners? We’ve compiled a list of reputable Boston dog trainers so that you don’t have to. Check out these highly-rated training schools for dogs and find the one that works for you. Our mobile veterinarians in Boston, MA can also provide behavioral support and a full range of other veterinary services. BetterVet offers wellness and sick visits, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, telemedicine, and more, all from the comfort of your home. 

1) Good Dog Boston

The Good Dog Boston’s website states that, “we believe a dog should be a friend and a companion, not a chore. Whether you have a young pup, an older dog,  or a rescue, Good Dog Boston can help them learn how to behave appropriately at home and on-the-go. Using rewards-based teaching methods, Good Dog Boston offers in-home training programs for dogs of all ages. With a Google rating of 5.0, Good Dog is one of the leaders of the pack in the Boston area. 

2) Training with Bria

Training with Bria, based on the Northshore in Peabody, MA provides one-on-one and group dog training in Boston and surrounding areas. Bria, the company’s owner, and founder, has trained under numerous recognizable dog behavioral experts, such as Cesar Millan. What’s more, once families start working with Bria, dogs are also welcome to join her on monthly group dog walks! With a 5.0 Google rating, Training with Bria makes the list of best dog trainers in the Boston area.  

3) Argos Dog Training

Argos Dog Training, located On Washington Avenue in Boston, services the city and its surrounding areas. According to their website, the philosophy of the program is, “...based on the application of four main principles: Simplicity, Moderation, Balance, and Awareness. Our experience with dogs is influenced by these principles and informed by our study of dog breeds, dog behavior, the relationship between humans and dogs, dog body language, the ways that dogs react to people and people react to dogs.” With a 4.9 Google rating and both on-site and in-home training options, Argos Dog Training is definitely worth a look. They even have their own podcast, The Peoples’ Wolf.

4) Equilibrium Dog Training

Equilibrium Dog Training and Behavior, owned by Nick de Moraes and based out of Sommerville, MA, offers such services as pack walks, obedience training, behavior modification, and behavioral consultation. Specializing in working with newly adopted and rescue dogs, Equilibrium offers both in-person and virtual consultations. With a motto of, “Clear communication equals cooperation,” Equilibrium provides services in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and has a Google rating of 5.0. 

5) Colonial Dog Training 

Colonial Dog Training, located in Boston, MA (and Portland, Maine) has been in business for over twenty years and offers in-home training services for puppies and dogs with a wide variety of behavioral needs. Servicing the entire Boston area, Colonial Dog Training can help pet parents tackle issues like leash pulling, aggression, and separation anxiety. With a Google rating of 4.8, they come highly recommended by pet parents in the Boston area.

5) Zen Dog Training 

Training your pup shouldn’t be stressful, so this is where Zen Dog Training in Somerville, MA comes in. Offering group classes as well as in-home and virtual training for puppies and dogs of all ages, Zen Dog Training has several different trainers to choose from. According to their website, “the secret to reducing your dog’s unwanted behaviors lies in gentle reinforcement.” With a Google rating of 4.8, you may decide that the Zen Dog Training philosophy is the right one for you! 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Boston

In addition to our list of best dog trainers in Boston, MA, you might be interested in our other lists of pet-friendly resources in Boston - such as off-leash dog parks, dog groomers, and pet supply stores. If you are looking for an in-home veterinary practice in Boston, Bettervet Mobile Vet Care will come to you. We have same-day appointments when you need a veterinarian quickly.

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