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7 Best Dog Parks in Boston, MA

Best Dog Parks in Boston, MA | BetterVet

Are you planning a visit to Boston with your dog, or you’ve recently added a dog to your Boston-area household and want to scope out the area’s best dog parks? We’ve done the research on the best Boston dog parks so you won’t have to! 

Before heading to the park with your canine companion, you’ll want to make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations and in good health. Is it time for a vaccine booster or wellness checkup for your furry friend? BetterVet serves the Boston area as well as other locations across the country, so if you need to schedule a same-day or next-day home visit or a telemedicine appointment our mobile veterinarians in Boston will come to you!

Our Choices for Off-Leash Dog Parks in Boston, MA

1) Boston Common

Boston Common is an iconic public park in Boston, MA. This well-known, pet-friendly park is said to be one of the best dog parks and the oldest of its kind in the US. Boston Common welcomes dogs on a leash at any time of day and has designated hours when dogs may play off-leash. The off-leash area is rotated to preserve the grass and plantings. The maximum limit for dogs is 3 per person. The park has its own private Facebook page for pet parents to keep up with park updates and to connect with others in the Boston dog community. 

2) Peter's Park 

Peter’s Park is a privately-funded 13,000-square-foot dog park in the heart of Boston, MA. The fenced-in park has a separate area for smaller dogs and benches placed throughout for pet parents to sit on while their furry friends play. It has a graveled surface and rocks for climbing. 

3) Paul Revere Park

Paul Revere Park in Charleston is a mixed-use 5-acre public area with waterfront views. There is an open grassy area near Zakim Bridge and another field near Charlestown Bridge. The policy states that dogs must be leashed, but it is not enforced, as their website notes that dogs do run free! It is open 24 hours a day and has a water fountain on-site for thirsty pups and their humans. 

4) Bremen Street Park

The Bremen Street Dog Park, located at the intersection of  Bremen and Porter Streets in Boston, has a ⅓ acre off-leash area where dogs can run free. The park has a dog agility course and an area for smaller dogs fenced off from the larger dog park. Each area has its own water fountain, one for dogs and one for pet parents. 

5) Nunziato Field

Nunziato Field in nearby Somerville has a large fenced-in, off-leash dog area that can be accessed from the street. The gravel surface is easy on dog paws and the park’s amenities include benches, water fountains, and community gardens.

6) Danehy Park

Danehy Park in Cambridge boasts an impressive 50-acre recreational area that includes 3 soccer fields, a picnic area with tables and public grills, and a large off-leash dog park area. Bring your pup, meet up with friends, and make a day out of it!

7) Carleton Court Dog Park

Carleton Court Dog Park is an off-leash dog park located within the Southwest Corridor Park in the South End section of Boston. Carleton Court Dog Park is privately-funded and maintained by the Friends of Carleton Court Dog Park (FOCC) and has its own Facebook page. On the smaller side, the dog-friendly park includes benches, drinking fountains, a hose, tennis balls, and poop bags  Kiddie pools are brought out in the summer months to keep pups cool. 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Boston

In addition to our list of best off-leash dog parks in Boston, you might be interested in our other resource lists for the Boston area - pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and pet food stores. Whether you are just visiting Boston with your dog or are a full-time Bostonian pet parent, you may find yourself in need of a local veterinarian. BetterVet will come to you to remove the stress of car rides and vet clinics.  When your pet needs to be seen our mobile veterinarians will visit you at your Boston home or hotel. We even have same-day appointment availability when it can’t wait.

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