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Best Dog Parks in Baltimore, MD

Best Dog Parks in Baltimore, MD | BetterVet

Regular exercise is integral to maintaining your dog’s health and overall well-being. When your dog runs and plays, their blood pressure lowers, and they build muscle. Exercise also makes it easier for your dog to go to potty, mitigating the risk of urinary tract infections and constipation.

Take your furry friend on a paw-some adventure at one of Baltimore's many pet-friendly parks. Our team at BetterVet has selected some of the best dog parks in the city, so you can ensure your pet gets enough exercise while having fun. And, with our expert veterinary team providing best-in-class mobile care, you can enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands. 

Canton Waterfront Park

3001 Boston St, Baltimore, MD

The Canton Waterfront Park is an eight-acre public park on the shores of the Patapsco River. It features plenty of biking and walking trails, picnic areas, shade trees, and open grassy areas. The Canton Waterfront Park often hosts events, such as the First Thursday concerts.

While this public park is dog-friendly, you must always keep your dog on a leash. However, the park is the perfect dog-walking spot where your friend can interact with other dogs. The Korean

War Memorial is also a site worth visiting.

Canton Dog Park

3221 Toone St, Baltimore, MD

The Canton Dog Park is not a waterfront site but a fully fenced area perfect for off-leash activities. As one of the most popular Baltimore dog parks, the Canton Dog Park has a sand ground covering with water and waste stations.

The park has abundant shade trees and benches, making visits convenient for pet parents. The Canton Dog Park has separate areas for large and small dogs.

Downs Park Dog Beach

8311 John Downs Loop, Pasadena, MD

If you live on the outskirts of the Greater Baltimore Area, near Lakeshore or Springdale, the Downs Park Dog Beach is the perfect off-leash park for your dog. Though this park doesn’t have a lot of shade, it has a large sandy beach area where your dog can run, swim, and cool off on warm days.

When visiting the Downs Park Dog Beach, you and your dog can also explore the Downs Park Public Pier, Chesapeake Wooden Bay Bridge, and the American Flag Memorial.

Federal Hill Park

300 Warren Ave, Baltimore, MD

Federal Hill Park, with its hilltop harbor overlook, is one of the best dog parks near the city center. At the center of the park is the dog-friendly playground with a Civil War cannon, beautiful harbor views, and Baltimore city skyline views. Other attractions in the area include the Under Armour Basketball Court and Memorial to Armistead.

If you live in Federal Hill-Montgomery, Sharp Leadenhall, or Riverside Park, Federal Hill Park is the ideal location to frequent, especially if your dog likes going on walks.

Howard Street Dog Park

310 Centre St, Baltimore, MD

If you live in the Baltimore city center, Howard Street Dog Park is the perfect place to give your dog some freedom, safe running space, and a healthy escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. This fully fenced park allows off-leash running with little grassy hills and paths.

The park is relatively small and has separate areas for small and large dogs. However, this park is a convenient option if you live in a small living unit in Downtown Baltimore, Lexington Terrace, or Mount Vernon.

Locust Point Dog Park

1529 Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD

The Locust Point Dog Park in Latrobe Park is one of the larger public dog parks allowing off-leash running and other activities. This site is a dog haven with large lawns, trees, and a doggy water slide where your dog can cool off and enjoy itself during the warm summer months.

Dogs are welcome in the areas outside the park, provided they are on a leash. Areas you can visit in Latrobe Park include the sports fields and playground.

Paw Point Park

1000 Lakeside Dr, Baltimore, MD

Paw Point Park is a membership-based dog park on the shores of Lake Roland to the north of the Greater Baltimore Area. Memberships are relatively affordable and worth the cost, especially if you live in Ruxton, Yorktown, The Orchards, or any of the surrounding areas.

This park allows off-leash activity and has a designated dog swimming area that is safe. The well-maintained park and beautiful natural surroundings allow pet parents to have a good time.

Wyman Park Dell

2929 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD

Wyman Park Dell is a 16-acre public park that is dog-friendly, with walking trails, trees, and seasonal events. The park has an off-leash area with two stations where pet parents can get doggy bags. The park’s attractions include the Harriet Tubman Grove and Wyman Dell Playground.

If you live in Remington, Charles Village, or Abell, the Wyman Park Dell is the ideal park to visit with your dog.

Oregon Ridge Park

13555 Beaver Dam Rd, Cockeysville, MD

Oregon Ridge Park is a dog-friendly public park where you can spend quality time with your dog on a leash. The site has various attractions, including a playground, trails, and a nature center. The beach at Oregon Ridge Park used to be accessible to visitors, but management closed the beach area for safety reasons.

Oregon Ridge is approximately 18 miles north of Baltimore, near Cockeysville, Sparks, Phoenix, and Glencoe. If you live in Owings Mills or Garrison, visiting Oregon Ridge Park is worth the drive.

Oregon Ridge Park is a great place to visit if you like to take long walks with your dog.

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Taking your dog for a walk in a public park is a great way to tire them out and get some steps in. However, your dog also needs frequent veterinary checkups. At BetterVet, our veterinarians in Baltimore can provide your dog with an in-home examination or treatment, eliminating the need for an uncomfortable trip to the vet’s office.

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