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Top Rated Nearby Dog Groomers in Austin, TX

Top Rated Dog Groomers in Austin, TX | BetterVet

Not only do you want your dog to feel their best through premium Austin mobile vet and wellness services, you want them looking their best, too! If you are not up for trying to groom your pet at home, read on!

Let BetterVet take care of your pet’s health needs, and check out one of these great Austin dog groomers to keep your pet looking as good as they feel. 

From casual washes to full-service packages, these salons will have your pet looking dapper in no time. Explore our list below to know what to expect or where to take your furry companion for a grooming session.

1. Mod Mutt Salon

This brick-and-mortar location has been operating in Austin for about five years. Pet parents love the family-friendly atmosphere, and pups seem to enjoy the experience, too.

The salon offers various types of baths (depending on your dog's needs) and a range of services like nail trims, ear cleanings, and de-shedding. And if you prefer a self-wash, feel free to give it a whirl. The well-equipped space includes all the dog bathing supplies you'll need.

Mod Mutt is located at 7600 N Lamar Blvd. A2, Austin, TX 78752. Any pet parent looking for Austin dog grooming services at a modern salon will love this spot.

Mod Mutt is always up front about their pricing and services. By focusing only on your pet's grooming needs, as specified by you, the team ensures you'll leave with a happy pup - and money well spent.

Best of all, they're serious about alleviating your pup's anxiety, and their well-trained staff will put your pet's comfort first. Besides, they cater to all pups and kitties - young and old. For instance, they attend to senior pets and only groom them for as long as they're comfortable. All things considered, it's no wonder this salon has some of the best reviews among dog groomers in Austin.

2. Clean Critters

Interested in taking your pet to a salon with a family feel? If so, Clean Critters offers dog groomers Austin services you can count on. This local business has been around for over eight years and is known for their quality grooming services and a personal touch.

What sets this grooming salon apart is the experience of its owners, Aimee and Kevin. As well-known names in the pet service industry, these two understand the ins and outs of pet grooming. Consequently, they know how to handle even the most challenging grooming cases. Among their range of services include:

  • Full grooming (bath and haircut)
  • Nail trimming
  • Tooth brushing
  • Skin and coat cleaning

Their idea is to help enhance your existing bond with your pet. Find their shop at 2116 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702, or give them a ring to schedule a session for your pup.

3. West End Grooming

Established in 1994, West End Grooming at 3405 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705 has what it takes to make your pet look good - and feel even better. The salon's groomers are known for their gentle touch, as they understand that some dogs may feel anxious during grooming sessions.

But make no mistake, these groomers are also highly skilled. They also offer various premium all-natural treats and supplements to ensure your pup receives the best experience possible while staying healthy. If 40 years of combined grooming experience sounds like what you're looking for in dog groomers Austin, this is the place to go.

4. Austin Pet Stylist

The team at Austin Pet Stylist offers various services to ensure that your pup stays healthy and looks great. These include:

  • Coconut scrubs
  • Facials
  • Pet nail care
  • Teeth cleaning

If you want your fur-baby to look the part, consider the Pet Stylists' creative offerings - coloring, nail painting, and even mohawks! Even if they have special needs or need extra care, the salon’s Austin dog grooming team has the experience to handle many different types of pet personalities. 

5. Happy Mailman

Don't let the name fool you - while the Happy Mailman may not be the biggest service provider on this list, they more than make up for it in quality. Besides offering daycare and boarding services, the facility also attends to its furry client's grooming needs. Think nail trimming, baths, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and more. To do this, they partner with Midtown Groom & Board - a fully-staffed facility.

6. Laura’s Doggie Doo’s

Scoping out potential Austin dog grooming services? Try out Laura's Doggie Doo's. With a collection of highly experienced stylists, this 18-year-old salon has what it takes to give your furry friend a complete makeover. 

The grooming salon offers personalized grooming services by tapping into each pet's unique needs. That means learning more about their clients and their human companions. Once they do, they offer a range of services, including skin and coat analysis to add-ons such as conditioners, teeth brushing, and paw balm. You can find Laura and her team of professional groomers at 617 W Slaughter Ln. Ste. 105, Austin, TX 78748.

7. Kanine Klippers

Kanine Klippers is a full-service pet grooming salon with your pup's needs at heart. The salon offers everything from baths to haircuts and nail trims. But they don't stop there. They also offer anal gland expression, teeth brushing, and de-shedding treatments. 

Their salon, located at 8708 S Congress Ave. #520, Austin, is a perfect choice for pet parents in South Austin. What's more, the groomers will ensure that your four-legged friend leaves the salon with a smile and wag! 

These Austin dog groomers will give your pet's beauty routine a boost and should you need premium, stress-free mobile vet services- pain management, wellness and sick visits, blood work, and more - schedule an appointment with BetterVet Austin’s mobile team. 

More Pet-Friendly Resources in Austin

In addition to our list of best dog groomers in Austin, you might be interested in our other lists of pet-friendly resources in Austin - like dog parks, boarding facilities, and pet-sitters. Before your pet visits one of these dog-friendly places, you’ll want to make sure that they are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations.  Skip the car rides and vet clinics when your pet needs to be seen, as our mobile veterinarians will visit you at your home in Austin. Book a home visit today.

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