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6 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Houston, TX

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Houston, TX | BetterVet

With more than 2.2 million residents in Houston, it is no surprise that there are hundreds of fur babies being loved and cherished. With so many pet parents, there is a need for dog-friendly restaurants that can accommodate you, and some even go the extra mile by offering pet meals, toys, and dog amenities. 

Through organizations such as Paws On Patios fighting for restaurants to be more dog friendly in Houston, we have seen a rise in establishments accepting pets. 

At BetterVet, our team of skilled Houston, TX mobile veterinarians provides exceptional mobile veterinary services in a convenient, in-home setting. And when you and your dog are looking for a dining experience, our list of Houston's best dog-friendly restaurants, recognized for their love of pets, guarantees a delightful meal and a fantastic experience with your furry friend.

1. Lazy Dog Restaurant

Lazy Dog Restaurants is one of Houston's most progressive eating establishments. They sell merchandise and amazing happy hour offers. They source their ingredients from local farmers, meaning there is something healthy for everyone. They have a big outdoor patio where pet parents can enjoy memorable experiences with their dogs. But that's not all; they have a dog menu where you can select a grilled hamburger patty bowl or a chicken breast bowl, both served with brown rice and vegetables for your fur baby. 

For you, Lazy Dog Restaurant has a menu with a wide selection that you can enjoy with cocktails, beers, or non-alcoholic drinks. Since pets are only allowed on the outside patio, they have set up gas fire furnaces to keep you and your pet warm in the cold evenings. 

However, like many dog-friendly restaurants, they have strict rules that you should follow, including:

  • Dogs are not allowed on the table
  • Dogs are not allowed to eat from your plate
  • Dogs should be on their leash all the time
  • Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant

NB: These rules are meant to protect you, other people in the restaurant, and all the dogs. The rules are both health precautions and laws established by the health department.

2. Barnaby’s Cafe

Barnaby's Cafe is perhaps the most popular dog-friendly restaurant in Houston. They have a large dog-friendly patio with space for your dog to enjoy the fresh air. They start your doggo off with a complementary bowl of water before you can pick a meal for them from their dog menu. The dog menu includes ground beef and garlic, Sliced chicken breasts, or scrambled eggs. All these selections come with brown rice. With such amazing services, it is no surprise that Barnaby’s Cafe has 9 locations in Houston, meaning you can easily access one near you. 

As you treat your dog to an amazing meal, you can select your food from a menu that includes everything from homemade Mac and Cheese to ribeye steak. Enjoy cocktails, mimosas, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks to complete your dining experience.

Even though Barnaby’s Cafe is a dog-friendly restaurant, like many similar establishments, it has rules that you need to follow. Some of these rules include the following:

  • Do not place your pet on your lap, a chair, or a table
  • Avoid the 3 Bs; begging, barking, biting
  • Your dog can't eat off your plate

3. Axelrad Beer Garden

Unlike the two previous entries on this list, Axelrad Beer Garden does not have a dog menu. But do not worry! They more than make up for it with an expansive outdoor area and weekly activities and events which are dog friendly. Plus, they offer complementary water bowls and milk bone treats for your fur baby. However, you still need to have your dog on a leash at all times and have them neutered or spayed to go to the restaurant.

To make the restaurant more dog friendly and to ensure they make better use of their expansive outdoor area, they have two cleaning stations in the garden area, where pets are allowed in and out of the establishment.

The garden area is big enough for you to hold events or parties that you, your friends, and family members can bring their dogs to. With their big and beautiful hammocks, you can enjoy their offers on craft beer, specialty cocktails, wine, and pizza. 

4. Backstreet Cafe 

Again, unlike the top two entries on this list, Backstreet Cafe does not have a dog menu. But if you are looking to have a delicious meal made by renowned chefs like Hugo Ortega in the company of your doggo, this is the place to go. It is one of the best-known pet-friendly restaurants to enjoy a gourmet meal in Houston with its serene environment and amazing service. It was established almost 38 years ago, starting as a “watering hole,” serving only soups, salads, and sandwiches. But it has grown in reputation and menu options since then.

You can only dine with your dog on the back patio which has its entrance. Giving pet parents their entrance helps reduce pet anxiety and reduces the chance of people who do not like dogs interacting with your fur baby. Your dog has to be on the leash at all times and well-behaved. 

5. Mod Pizza

If you are in Houston, Mod Pizza is one of the best places to enjoy a pie. Enjoy a build-your-own pie artisanal pizza with more than 30 topping selections. With 7 outdoor tables, you can enjoy meals with your pet in a beautiful sitting area. Their biggest caveat is to ensure that your pet is always on a leash and well-secured outside when you go into the restaurant to order your pizza. 

6. Bar Boheme

Bar Boheme offers the ultimate casual dining experience. It has a wide selection of wines and cocktails with an old-world vibe to boot. With devised events always on the schedule, they have something for everyone. They have a giant outdoor dog-friendly patio where you can sit with your pet as you enjoy the evening. Select either an individual meal if you are alone or a shareable plate if you are with guests. 

It is clear that dog-friendly restaurants in Houston are quickly being embraced. But it is not just in restaurants; many more establishments are now becoming more accommodating to dogs. With that said, the need for a compassionate veterinarian in Houston, TX, who will care for all your dog’s medical needs is also important. Contact Bettervet today. We are a mobile vet service that comes to you. With our at-home pet care services, you can eliminate the anxiety your pet may experience at the vet. Save yourself from commuting time to the vet and the traffic that comes with it. Join the Bettervet community today.

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