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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Baltimore, MD

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Baltimore, MD | BetterVet

Taking your dog with you to a restaurant means you don’t need to leave your four-legged friend alone at home while enjoying the company of friends and family. Dog-friendly restaurants tend to have a laid-back, pleasant atmosphere and are a pleasure to visit. You also get the opportunity to show off your cute dog. 

As the largest city in Maryland, Baltimore is home to various dog-friendly dining destinations. However, each restaurant is unique, and finding an eatery that caters to your pet and dining needs can be challenging. BetterVet offers unparalleled mobile veterinary services for pets on the go. Our team of experienced veterinarians provides exceptional care in the comfort of your own home. And when you want to dine out with your dog, our list of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Baltimore ensures a fantastic meal and a great time with your furry friend. 

Cocina Luchadoras

Cocina Luchadoras is a popular women-owned Mexican restaurant featuring an intimate dinner with a Luchadora theme. Remember to place your order at the counter before taking your seat with your companions and dog. An outdoor dining area with a pleasant, warm atmosphere is available for pet parents with dogs.

The available menu items at Cocina Luchadoras include huevos rancheros, tacos, burritos, and clasicas, including La B’More and La Hawaiina. If you are a dog parent looking for an authentic Mexican dining experience in Baltimore, Cocina Luchadoras is the diner for you.

Angeli’s Pizza

Are you looking for a dog-friendly restaurant in Baltimore’s Little Italy? Angeli's Pizza offers best-in-class Italian cuisine and a dog-friendly patio that overlooks the Eastern Avenue and S High intersection. In addition to outdoor seating, Angeli’s Pizza offers vegan dining options, happy hour specials, and a full bar.

Popular pizza toppings include spicy smoked tomato sauce, shredded parmesan, and gorgonzola. You can also add pepperoni, capicola, pancetta, and portabella mushrooms.


If you are a Baltimore native passionate about American sandwiches and craft beer, you may already be a regular at RegionAle. This restaurant has a heated outdoor seating area that provides a cozy dining environment for you, your friends, and your dog.

RegionAle makes all sandwiches from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. Some of the legendary sandwiches you can order at this fine establishment include the Philly cheesesteak, Florida Cubano, and Maryland Crabcake. You can also order RegionAle’s delicious homemade chips, seasonal soups, and fresh salads.


CookHouse provides an unforgettable American-style dining experience that reflects the traditional and historical atmosphere of Bolton Hill in Baltimore. Your dog is welcome in the covered outdoor seating area, where you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, delicious meals, and drinks from CookHouse’s full bar.

On Wednesdays, CookHouse hosts a steak and wine night, when the price of wine is 50% off. The restaurant serves supper from Wednesdays through Saturdays, with menu items that include Lumache al Sugo, lamb shank pie, duck confit, steak frites, and pumpkin gnocchi. 

La Barrita Restobar

Are you looking for one of the best dog friendly restaurants in Baltimore? La Barrita Restobar is the must-visit dining destination for you. This Latin American steakhouse has a comprehensive menu featuring a range of homemade pasta dishes, Argentine-style grilled steaks, risotto, and more.

Popular menu items at La Barrita Restobar include pan tumaca with burrata, a bruschetta with garlic tomatoes in a balsamic reduction, and mozzarella topping. You can also order chicken, beef, or spinach empanadas.

Under the appetizers, you’ll find olives, eggplant parmesan, and chorizo, a traditional Argentinian sausage.

Café Fili

Café Fili is a Mediterranean-style café in Baltimore and a favorite among dog parents in the city. As a dining destination in Mount Vernon, Café Fili has a big-city atmosphere and is open every day of the week.

Café Fili has an extensive menu, which some may find overwhelming. However, the wide range of menu items gives you and your dog an excuse to return and try new dishes.

Under the breakfast menu, you’ll find avocado za’atar toast, smoked salmon, and French toast. The all-day menu features classic hummus, roasted potato with a selection of sauces, and several soup options. The Mediterranean trios include lamb tagine, chicken shawarma, and lamb shawarma.

Crepe Crazy

If you have a soft spot for pancakes, stop by Crepe Crazy the next time you take your dog for a walk in Federal Hill. This dog-friendly joint gained a reputation for being the best crepe eatery in Baltimore. The fresh ingredients and the chef’s commitment to excellence contribute to the decadence of these meals.

The savory crepe options include turkey and avocado, prosciutto and basil, and Hill Country Cobb, which features grilled chicken, bacon, romaine lettuce, and hard-boiled eggs. Under the sweet crepe selection, you can choose from the Peanut Butter Royale, Peanut Butter Heaven, and Lemon Zest Dust.

Duck Duck Goose

Are you and your four-legged friend planning a trip to Fells Point? Duck Duck Goose is the restaurant to visit. The small-plates brassier focuses on local and seasonal ingredients, and the dishes are modern with bold flavors.

The atmosphere in this French-inspired restaurant is warm and friendly, and the bar serves an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including mocktails. The comprehensive lunch and dinner menus feature burgundy escargot, French onion soup, beef tartare, and more.

Tips To Follow When Taking Your Dog to a Restaurant

Taking your pet along when visiting a restaurant can be a rewarding experience. However, taking the necessary precautions is crucial to ensure that other diners have a pleasant experience and that you and your dog remain welcome at the restaurant.

If you have difficulty controlling your dog, long walks and visits to your local park may be better outings than a trip to a restaurant. Never let an aggressive dog loose among people, especially children.

Before leaving for the restaurant, feed your dog and allow it to go to the toilet, so you don’t need to clean up after it at the restaurant. Take an extra water bowl, waste bags, and your dog’s favorite chew toy to the restaurant. Also, take your dog for a walk before leaving to burn excess energy.

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