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The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Breweries in Houston, TX

Best Dog-Friendly Breweries in Houston, TX | BetterVet

Texas is well-known for its vast array of breweries and is filled with large and small locations. From IPAs at one of the trendier micro-craft breweries to dark stouts at one of Houston’s more well-established brewing companies. Houston has it all and there is something to suit every palate in the city.

Not only is Houston full of incredible breweries, but also dog lovers who want to spend time with their furry friends. This has led to more and more of these incredible breweries becoming dog friendly, allowing you to enjoy a drink and have some quality time with your pooch. Being able to take your dog with you means that you don’t have to worry about leaving them home alone, avoiding that feeling of guilt all pet parents know so well, along with being able to enjoy some of the finest beers Houston has to offer. A win for everyone!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best Houston dog-friendly breweries to help you decide where to go on your next outing.

1. Walking Stick Brewing Company

The Walking Stick Brewing Co is one of the highest-rated dog-friendly bars in Houston. This cozy taproom can be found at 956 Judiway Street and takes up an entire block. This amazing establishment contains the taproom itself, and two beautiful beer gardens.

The Walking Stick is family- and dog-friendly, making it the ideal place to hang out with your human and pet companions. This brewery comes highly rated not only for its excellent IPAs but also for the friendly staff and the cozy relaxing vibe.

Dogs are welcomed with open arms at The Walking Stick, and your pet will have those two beautiful beer gardens and a patio to explore. The brewery owners have also made sure to provide a special area for dogs that has water bowls, treats, and bags, proving that dogs are truly considered family here. They have even hosted birthday parties for dogs in the past, so you can celebrate that special day of the year when your puppy and you are finally united!

2. Under The Radar Brewery

Under The Radar is located at 1506 Truxillo Street, and is well-known in the neighborhood for its chill vibe and a large range of thirst-quenching beers. Under the Radar has a minimum of 10 beers on tap at any one time, as well as test batches and seasonal brews.

Dogs are very welcome at Under the Radar, and there is a large, shaded beer garden that’s perfect for your pet to relax in.  This is the perfect location for your dog to socialize with the other furry companions as well. Fresh bowls of water and dog treats are also available. Food trucks regularly visit this cozy brewery, so there is often good food to accompany the locally brewed elixirs.

Under The Radar also provides plenty of entertainment for their human patrons, including board games, Jenga, and the Texas favorite pastime, cornhole. There is everything pets and pet parents alike will enjoy at this brewery for a relaxed afternoon.

3. 8th Wonder Brewery

The 8th Wonder Brewery is one of the more established breweries in Houston, TX opening its doors in 2013, and adding a distillery in 2018. 8th Wonder can be found downtown at 2202 Dallas Street and has the famous ‘We Love Houston’ sculpture outside, a perfect photo opportunity for you and your treasured dog, so it is impossible to miss.

8th Wonder has a large beer garden, and welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes - as well as cats! The staff cat, Ocho, even has his own staff member page on the website!

Inside, 8th Wonder has an industrial feel, high ceilings, arcade machines, and classic pinball machines. There are many different brews on tap as well as canned. If beer is not your speed, they also have their much prized ‘Wonder Water’, hard seltzers in many different varieties.

4. Karbach Brewing Company

Karbach Brewing Company is located at 2032 Karbach Street. This local brewery has an extensive outdoor area known as the Biergarten where dogs are more than welcome to hang out with their pet parents. Karbach provides water coolers and bowls to ensure your pooch stays cool under the blazing Texas sun.

There is a rotation of food trucks at the Karbach Brewing Company, so you will never be lacking in food to go alongside your craft beer.

Karbach has a wide selection of alcohol including IPAs, Lagers, hard seltzers, cocktails, and seasonal beers. There is something for everyone here!

5. Taking Your Dog To A Brewery

Taking your furry best friend with you to a brewery is a fun and rewarding experience. It is a great way for you both to spend some time bonding. However, there are always some things to be aware of before taking your dog to a busy venue.

It is always a good idea to take some treats and a toy with you, as these can be used to reward and distract your puppy in a busy environment. A lot of dog-friendly breweries have treats and water for our canine companions, but it is smart to take your own with you, just in case.

Always bring a leash as most establishments will require dogs to be leashed. Your pooch will also appreciate a comfortable blanket to lay on especially if you plan on being in the same location for a lengthy period of time.

Texas is famous for its high temperatures, so be wary of your pet being in the heat for too long. Try to keep in the shade as much as possible, and always have plenty of fresh drinking water nearby. The early signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, excessive drooling, unwillingness to stand up, and seeming unsteady on their feet when they stand. If you are concerned your dog may have heatstroke, contact a veterinarian immediately.

When socializing your dog, it is important to ensure they are in good health and up-to-date with any relevant vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments. You can schedule an appointment with BetterVet, a Houston, TX veterinarian who can come to your home to give your pet any health care that they need.

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