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How BetterVet Care Works in North & Central Jersey

Wellness and vaccination
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From wellness and vaccination to quality-of-life consultations, we can care for your pet in the comfort of your home.

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In-Home Vet Services in North & Central Jersey

Our North & Central Jersey Mobile Veterinarians

Less Stress, Happier Pets

BetterVet is a mobile veterinary practice that offers comprehensive Fear Free® vet care in the comfort of home.

Mobile Vet Care Is Great For

  • Pet parents with busy schedules a lack of transportation
  • Anxious, fragile, and senior pets
  • Pets who need in-home end-of-life care

What Our North & Central Jersey Clients Say

Excellent service and care by the veterinarian and her assistant. They made sure I understood everything that they did and why. Having your pet examined and cared for in the home environment is much better than packing them up and getting them to an office where they would be skittish. Great service!
Christopher S.
Five stars
Dr. Julia and her assistant Katie were just awesome. So appreciated their professionalism and care and concern for the well-being of my very scared cats during their visit. Great experience. Highly recommend.
Margot S.
Five stars
Dr. Coughlin is an amazing vet. We were in a jam and she came to the rescue in helping us make sure our dogs were vaccinated before getting boarded. She went way above and beyond. BetterVet has been a great experience for us so far.
Kristian S.
Five stars

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Frequently Asked Questions

What pets are legal to own in NJ?

Boa Constrictors
Red Squirrels

What is the fine for not having a dog license in NJ?

If your pet is found without a license, you will have to pay a fee of $100. Municipalities do a census every two years, which means someone can come and knock on your door to make sure your licenses are current.

Does New Jersey require a pet health certificate?

New Jersey law requires all dogs seven months of age or older to be licensed by the municipality where the pet parent lives. The dogs must have been vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, with immunity extending through at least ten of the twelve-month license period.

Is it illegal not to have your dog on a leash in NJ?

The state of New Jersey does not have a universal state dog leash law.

How many dogs can you have in your home in New Jersey?
There is no statewide rule in New Jersey that states the number of dogs you can own. However, there are certain restrictions on city, county, and neighborhood levels. For example, borough codes in Midland Park do not allow more than three dogs to a household or business. Many other surrounding municipalities—such as Saddle River, Glen Rock, and Alpha—have also imposed similar restrictions, with a three or four-dog limit.