Entrusting the care of your beloved furry friend to a pet sitter can be a daunting decision, as you want to ensure they receive the same love, attention, and care as they would at home. With countless options of available pet sitters in San Francisco, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your pet's unique needs and personality.

That's why we've carefully curated a list of the best pet sitters in San Francisco, CA, each renowned for providing exceptional care, reliable service, and personalized attention to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in their absence.

So, let's explore the top pet sitters who can give you peace of mind and provide your cherished companion with the love and care they deserve.

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a sitter, it's essential to consider several veterinary services to ensure their well-being during your absence. These include: a wellness exam, vaccinations, and microchipping. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in San Francisco, CA can provide all of those and more in the comfort of your home!

Christine C.

1 year of experience

I'm in it for the hugs.

Mission, San Francisco, CA, 94109
I got a little lonely over the pandemic so friends started letting me borrow their pets.
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Brea K.

1 year of experience

Loving & caring for fluffy friends!

SF, CA, 94103
I've had cats and dogs since I was a kid, and it's one of the best joys! My family has tons of dogs, and I miss being around them a lot. I have experience aiding dogs with vision problems as my mother's Boston terrier is going blind and we have to help him with sound and smells to remember where he is. My sisters have Border / Aussie mixes and a Double Doodle labradoodle, so ...
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Anthony L.

2 years of experience

Trustworthy Pet Sitting Services

South Of Market, San Francisco, CA, 94103
Anthony watched my cat, Clem, for one week while I was abroad. Since he knew I would have limited internet access, he asked for Clem's care manual in advance so that he could review it and ask for clarification accordingly. I came home from my trip to a happy Clem and a house neater than I had left it. Overall, Anthony is a very thoughtful caregiver and I will definitely be working with him in ...
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Steven & Becca N.

5 years of experience

Our hearts belong to your pets!!

SF, CA, 94103
Hey there! My partner and I are really missing our foster dogs and cats. So we would LOVE to take care of your fur babies. Steven has been pet-sitting his friend's dogs since college, walking them on hiking trails, city streets, suburb neighborhoods and dog parks! While Becca has foster and rescue experiences with different dog breeds and temperaments. We have so much to energy and love for all animals. We will take care of ...
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Erik T.

5 years of experience

Caring sitter for your furry friend

SF, CA, 94117
I am thrilled to write a testimonial for Erik as a pet sitter or dog walker. Erik has been a great friend to me and an even better caregiver to my pets. He is responsible, reliable, and genuinely cares for animals. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond make him an excellent choice for anyone looking for a pet sitter or dog walker. I highly recommend Erik for the job and ...
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Andrew S.

8 years of experience

Active and experience pet owners :)

SF, CA, 94103
I've adopted and loved dogs of varies breeds for years growing up and have always been to go-to friend for pet sitting! I feel I have the free time to dedicate to supporting others with their animal care.
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Karen Z.

8 years of experience

Certified Pet Lover

Downtown, San Francisco, CA, 94109
I've been taking care of pets since middle school and currently have a small 15 pound dog of my own. I will definitely treat your baby like my own and bring him/her on all the adventures I take my own doggie on. I also have experience with older animals and giving medication if needed.
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Mariah C.

8 years of experience

Pet lover excited to help out!

Downtown, San Francisco, CA, 94109
Mariah has watched my cats Kisa and Goose many times. I always know that I can rely on her to not only feed them and clean up after them, but also play with them, cuddle with them, and make them feel happy.
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Kevin W.

9 years of experience

Your pet's newest friend!

South Of Market, San Francisco, CA, 94158
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out my page. My name is Kevin and I've been around pets since I was little. I grew up with a Samoyed and now own two cats. I've taken friends' and neighbors' dogs on walks and runs, checked in on their cats, and also volunteered at local animal shelters. I love to spend time with animals, get to know them, and figure out what makes them happy! ...
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Lauren B.

9 years of experience

Big small young old I love them all

Western Addition, San Francisco, CA, 94117
I volunteer with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and I've done dog walking and dog and cat sitting throughout my life for friends and clients. I have a sweet chihuahua/min pin mix named Anya, and she's the cuddliest little goon. I love meeting new dogs and cats, and especially seniors and couch cuddlers.
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Aileen M.

10 years of experience

Hayes Valley Pet Lover

Downtown, San Francisco, CA, 94102
I've always lived in cities, and have been walking/watching dogs and cats for years. I have my own cat, Sunday, a 10 year old feisty boy. I love animals with my whole heart and know that you love your pets too. I promise to take excellent care of them as if they were my own. I use Rover personally, and appreciate a communicative sitter, and one who shows genuine interest in my pets special needs. ...
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Suzy L.

10 years of experience

Responsible and trustworthy petcare

SF, CA, 94103
I grew up with a dog and currently have two cats. I've taken care of dogs on and off since high school, and it's my first time having cats. I want to focus on pets that need a certain type of medical care as I think it's a very sensitive area that pet parents might be nervous about. I can think on my feet and make smart decisions, and I assure you that you can ...
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Grace S.

10 years of experience

Pet sitter/ walker around SOMA, SF

South Of Market, San Francisco, CA, 94107
I have taken care of dogs for many years as my family has a cocker spaniel poodle mix. Growing up I have always had pets from fish to hamsters to a dog. I currently have two rabbits due to the size constraint of my apartment. I miss having a dog and I love interacting with animals.
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Kyle O.

10 years of experience

Animal lover w/ time to give! :)

Western Addition, San Francisco, CA, 94102
We lovingly refer to her as Aunt Kyle at my house because she has spent so much time looking after my senior dog, Max. She sends regular updates (with cute pictures!) and treats him to fun experiences (and treats!). I trust her implicitly to be at my house while I'm away and feel better knowing she's there. When my dog stays at her house, she lives in a perfect neighborhood for dog walks and time ...
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Zoe W.

10 years of experience

Walking to keep tails wagging :)

SF, CA, 94103
Zoe is a safe and responsible pet owner who has shown nothing but love to all of the animals she has given a home to and petsitted for in the past. She has fostered many cats and dogs as well as having pets of her own with whom she has loved and cared for for many years. She is great with all pets and will do a great job of caring for your pet however ...
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Christopher G.

15 years of experience

Reliable and loving pet sitter

Downtown, San Francisco, CA, 94102
Christopher was great! He was consistent with his visits, which created continuity for my cats around feeding and litter-box cleanliness. He handled all instructions and sitting requirements perfectly. He communicated the perfect amount, and sent great photos. I came back after 10 days to find my pets happy, healthy, and my apartment in great shape. The fact that my cats were less needy than normal after a long trip like this speaks to the great ...
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Elisabeth H.

20 years of experience

High energy? Special needs?

SF, CA, 94103
An animal lover from birth, I have cared for a wide variety of animals (domestic and farm) and all sizes & ages of dogs & cats I have extensive personal and professional experience caring for animals with special needs, from the unique needs of rescue animals to animals with medical conditions or senior care. I am a former athlete and am great with high energy animal friends who needs lots of running and play time. ...
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Lawrence C.

20 years of experience

Flexible Downtown Sitter

SF, CA, 94102
I grew up in a house full of dogs and have cared for animals my whole life. Friends and family have relied on me to walk and care for their pets. I have also worked part time as a Vet Tech during college.
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Carla R.

20 years of experience

I love Cats! Dogs are awesome too!

South Of Market, San Francisco, CA, 94103
My name is Carla and I have owned many pets in my life - cats, and dogs. Pets are so cute and they each have their unique personalities and qualities. My husband and I have our own business and work from home. This allows us to give your doggie or kitty a lot of attention and personalized care. Your best friend will have fresh food, playtime, and exercise every day. We also offer house sitting ...
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In conclusion, there are an array of outstanding pet sitters in San Francisco who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to your cherished companions while you're away. As you prepare to entrust your pet to a sitter, remember that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Our mobile veterinary services in San Francisco, CA make it convenient and easy to address your pet's needs, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, all from the comfort of your own home.

Book a mobile vet appointment with us today, and let's work together to ensure your pet's health and happiness are in the best hands, whether they're with a top pet sitter in San Francisco or snuggled up at home with you.

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