Entrusting the care of your beloved furry friend to a pet sitter can be a daunting decision, as you want to ensure they receive the same love, attention, and care as they would at home. With countless options of available pet sitters in Portland, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your pet's unique needs and personality.

That's why we've carefully curated a list of the best pet sitters in Portland, OR, each renowned for providing exceptional care, reliable service, and personalized attention to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in their absence.

So, let's explore the top pet sitters who can give you peace of mind and provide your cherished companion with the love and care they deserve.

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a sitter, it's essential to consider several veterinary services to ensure their well-being during your absence. These include: a wellness exam, vaccinations, and microchipping. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Portland, OR can provide all of those and more in the comfort of your home!

Samantha C.

2 years of experience

"WhOsE a GoOd DoG?"

Old Town-Chinatown, Portland, OR, 97209
I have owned several animals in my adult life and my family has always owned animals. My family all has animals Dog in my photo is my sister's.
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Helena D.

5 years of experience

Dog lover with time on my hands!

Pearl District, Portland, OR, 97209
Hi! My name is Helena and I recently moved to Portland Oregon from New Jersey! I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Animal Science and i'm looking to meet some people and to meet some dogs! I have always loved animals and even more importantly i'm always trying to keep up with what's best for them! My mom has been dog sitting for years and she taught me how crucial it is to ...
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Suzanne W.

7 years of experience

Emotional Support Human

Eliot, Portland, OR, 97227
Suzanne took great care of my pup! He is very particular about anyone other than me, but he was just fine with Suzanne! Will definitely be calling her again to take care of my chi-mix in the future, my dog loves her and she always checks in regularly with the pet parents. She even sent me pics of their walk! So glad I have a pet sitter like her I know and trust with my ...
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Carly G.

10 years of experience

Enthusiastic, friendly, responsible

Cathedral Park, Portland, OR, 97203
Hello hello I am excited to meet your fur babe(s) and grateful for your consideration as you seek help to ensure they are cared for. I'm well experienced with cats and dogs. I've taken care of dogs and cats since I was 10 (and grew up with them) for neighbors, friends and family that have relied on me to walk, feed and clean their pets. I'm an animal and nature lover! My wife and I ...
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Eddie M.

10 years of experience

I walk the walk, and bark the bark!

Kerns, Portland, OR, 97232
I've only ever owned one dog, and it was a wonderful ten years together. I'm not ready to own again, but I love to care for all of my friends pets when needed.
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Jen L.

10 years of experience

Reliable & Loving Care for Your Pet

Portland, OR, 97210
With over 10 years of pet care experience, I bring a unique combination of professional training and genuine love for animals. Whether it's walking and feeding, providing medication, or offering puppy and senior care, I am dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the best possible care. Pet care is a top priority in my daily routine. I ensure that every pet under my care receives daily walks, proper feeding, and plenty of playtime. I also ...
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Kendra H.

10 years of experience

Here for all the pet play & snugs!

Pearl District, Portland, OR, 97209
Kendra is amazing with pets of all kinds! Every time she watches my golden retriever I receive tons of videos/photos of them playing fetch, going on walks, and snuggling on the couch. I also receive back a very tired and happy dog at the end of my trip. Kendra also cared for many years for her special needs cat, which required medication every 8 hours. She is a wonderful pet sitter with many years of ...
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Sandy E.

13 years of experience

Your pet's favorite Aunt! <3

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97209
If you've seen me walking around town, you've probably already seen me squealing silently about your cute dog! :) When I spend time with animals of all types, I'm calm and low-key. I believe that they frequently pick up on the vibe of the people around them and do best with humans who are warm, patient, soothing, and predictable. I give them space to get to know me and feel comfortable. As a former educational ...
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Rylee A.

14 years of experience

Big Time Pet Person :)

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97205
I've been a pet owner my entire life, taking care of dogs and cats as far back as I can remember with the only break being the 4 years I was an undergrad in college. I have experience taking care both senior and medically fragile pets and won't blink an eye at any of the following: - Administering medications, from crushed-up pills hidden in food to a shot of insulin to a fluid IV, I've ...
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Emily B.

15 years of experience

Attentive, loving pet care

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97209
I can't say enough how amazing Emily is. She has sat with our dogs a couple of times now for both short term and for over a week. My pups were happy, loved and well taken care of. Emily is responsive with her messages, updates and photos. She's a wonderful house sitter too! My home was just as I left it. She offered to do laundry and water the plants! She was great about ensuring ...
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Sean & Lori G.

17 years of experience

Fun times for fun dogs

Portland, OR, 97209
Sean has cared for my dogs in various ways over the years and I trust him 1000%! Walks are incredible... My dogs always come back happily worn out! Dog sitting has been a blessing. Even post surgery and when my dog was having seizures, Sean was confident and helped go the extra mile with medicine and extra pets. You can tell he is a natural dog lover, it's authentic. I highly recommend him for all ...
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Elizabeth H.

20 years of experience

I enjoy caring for all animals.

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97205
Elizabeth is such a professional! My two male cats are getting older and get stressed more easily now. She knows how to approach them, make them feel safe, and they warmed up immediately to her! She's meticulous with cleaning their eating and litter areas, so you will come home to a clean space and happy pets. It can be a challenge to find passionate people who understand cats, so look no further than with Elizabeth's ...
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Sophia C.

20 years of experience

Let me (temporarily) steal your pet

Portland, OR, 97204
Hey everyone - I'm wrapping up my time in medical school and have some time off between now and residency. I would love to fill it with taking care of your children. I grew up on a llama farm, trained horses, and worked on a dairy farm as well as with an equine vet and companion animal vet. Then I've owned a variety of animals myself ever since. I'm particularly in love with cats (lookin ...
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Marcus M.

20 years of experience

Friend To All Animals

St Johns, Portland, OR, 97217
Hi, I'm Marcus. I live on a floating home on the Columbia River where I currently feed and provide for at least eight animals: three hummingbirds, a one legged duck named "Plucky," two feral cats, and two decidedly non-feral cats. I grew up with a wide variety of dogs, have a natural rapport with dogs, and miss interacting with them on daily basis. And since my cats won't allow me to bring home a dog, ...
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Sorrel T.

20 years of experience

Here to help

Portland, OR, 97209
I grew up on a farm with all sorts of animals. My own pup is sixteen so I know how to adjust walks for the senior pups. I love to hike so if they're up for it we can go on adventures.
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Kelsey U.

20 years of experience

Careful | Respectful | Experienced

Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill, Portland, OR, 97201
I had the pleasure of hiring Kelsey to take care of my beloved dog while I was away on a business trip, and I couldn't be happier with the care that was provided. From the moment I left, I could tell that Kelsey truly loves dogs and was excited to take care of him. Throughout my trip, Kelsey kept me updated with photos and texts, which was a huge relief and made me feel so ...
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Jennifer W.

20 years of experience

Reliable & Loving Care for Your Dog

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97205
I have always loved dogs, and I am always the person my friends and family call when they need care for their beloved furry family members. My favorite part of dog sitting is taking them for long walks-- it's so fun to experience the world through their excitement and joy!
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Celeste M.

20 years of experience

My FURRIENDS call me Milk!

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97209
I have no hesitation in saying that Celeste is the ABSOLUTE BEST cat sitter on Rover. She would journey through Mordor to check on her furry charges - and that's exactly what she did during The Big Storm 2023. There were issues getting access to my kitties due to the apartment office being unavailable (because the storm), but she persisted and made sure they were taken care of. I know she was doing this for ...
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Russell E.

25 years of experience

I'd love to meet your best friend!

Portland, OR, 97227
I've been lucky enough to have had animals at home since I was a child - dogs, cats, guniea pigs, cockatiels, even a ferret! I've always enjoyed being around animals of all types and valued the joy they bring into our lives and the special bonds formed. Ten years ago in a rescue shelter I found my best friend in the world, Chickpea the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is the most gentle, sweet and caring ...
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Johnny S.

30 years of experience

Love and experience w/ special need

Portland, OR, 97201
I love animals! I've taken care of dogs, cats, and other small animals my whole life. They each have their own personalities and I love getting to see that. I have a lot of experience taking care of pets with special needs. I have three clients with animals that have varying levels of anxiety. I understand that I must adapt my care to how each pet feels most comfortable. I also have experience with providing ...
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Sunshine P.

35 years of experience

Avid walker and pet snuggler in NW

Northwest, Portland, OR, 97209
When I was 5 I tamed a feral cat, and my friends say that their pets like me more than them. I have petsit for many friends over the years, including a senior cat that needed medication. I walk around my neighborhood of NW Portland every day to unwind, feel safe and do not use chemical self defense tools. I've lived in Portland ...
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In conclusion, there are an array of outstanding pet sitters in Portland who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to your cherished companions while you're away. As you prepare to entrust your pet to a sitter, remember that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Our mobile veterinary services in Portland, OR make it convenient and easy to address your pet's needs, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, all from the comfort of your own home.

Book a mobile vet appointment with us today, and let's work together to ensure your pet's health and happiness are in the best hands, whether they're with a top pet sitter in Portland or snuggled up at home with you.

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