Entrusting the care of your beloved furry friend to a pet sitter can be a daunting decision, as you want to ensure they receive the same love, attention, and care as they would at home. With countless options of available pet sitters in Orange County, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your pet's unique needs and personality.

That's why we've carefully curated a list of the best pet sitters in Orange County, CA, each renowned for providing exceptional care, reliable service, and personalized attention to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in their absence.

So, let's explore the top pet sitters who can give you peace of mind and provide your cherished companion with the love and care they deserve.

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a sitter, it's essential to consider several veterinary services to ensure their well-being during your absence. These include: a wellness exam, vaccinations, and microchipping. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Orange County, CA can provide all of those and more in the comfort of your home!

Chloe B.

2 years of experience

I love dogs and cats!

Orange, CA, 92866
I have been a pet lover ever since I was a child. I am a grad student getting my MFA in editing. When I go home, I spend as much time with my dog Malibu and cat Star. I take Malibu on long walks and we sometimes go to the dog park. I will take a lot of photos of your pets and keep you updated on how they are doing. They will be well ...
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Lexie K.

3 years of experience

Your pets deserve the best :)

Orange, CA, 92866
Lexie dogsat for my goldendoodle a few months ago, and I would definitely ask her to dogsit for me again. I had a last minute work trip and posted on instagram asking if anyone can dogsit for me. A mutual friend reached out and asked if he could put me in touch with Lexie because she loves dogs. Lexie and I coordinated a plan for her to visit my apartment twice a day while I ...
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Brandon W.

5 years of experience

Care for your furry friend

Orange, CA, 92866
Brandon has been a huge lifeline for our little pack. We have both dogs and cats and Brandon has proven time and time again to be a complete professional and lover of animals. Brandon provides picture updates without asking, follows all care giving instructions perfectly, and is always on time and accommodating to our schedule when possible. We cant thank Brandon enough for all the help provided in these past few months, and if we ...
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Dominik F.

5 years of experience

I get along with all animals

Orange, CA, 92867
I have always had at least one pet in my household, every year since I've been alive. That being said, I've gotten a lot of experience with all types/sizes of dogs, cats, and even other animals. I know very well how to respect them and take care of them properly!
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Elizabeth G.

7 years of experience

Work from home - Love Cats

Orange, CA, 92868
I've grown up rescuing kittens from the streets and healing them to health. I have two healthy cats at home that I take care of every day. They are fully vaccines and healthy. I have a passion for cats, so I am always doing research to get a better understanding of how they may think.
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Jade R.

10 years of experience

Experienced with all breeds & sizes

Orange, CA, 92867
Ever since I got my first puppy when I was 7 I have loved taking care of dogs. I have since dog-sat for many friends and family and feel very comfortable in my ability to do so.
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Dara B.

10 years of experience

Dog-lover and college student!

Orange, CA, 92866
I had a dog my whole life and took care of him night and day. I've also fostered dogs short-term, walked dogs, and taken care of friends and neighbors dogs!
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Dana T.

10 years of experience

Accepting last minute bookings!

Orange, CA, 92867
I have taken care of a variety of dogs my whole life! From my own puppies to neighbors to friends dogs, I have walked, played and watched over dogs in all stages of their lives.
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Julie A.

10 years of experience

Your Dog's Favorite Sitter

Orange, CA, 92867
I've never met a dog who didn't like me. I'm available to walk, feed, play with, and care for your pup whenever they need attention. I'll keep up your rules when you're away. I don't give into begging if they have a strict limit on treats, but I'll see to it they have plenty of attention and petting. I'm also good with kids, cats, fish, and hermit crabs. I would offer to care for your ...
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Nikki T.

12 years of experience

A college student missing my pets!

Orange, CA, 92866
I am a huge pet lover! My pets have been my priority ever since I was little. I would dog walk and pet sit for friends and family at home growing up. I take extreme care in my 2 dogs and cat at home all my life. I love getting to spend time with other peoples pets, get in a walk, and make some money! I am a student at Chapman University and take class ...
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Shannon M.

12 years of experience

Animal Loving College Student

Orange, CA, 92866
I have taken care of dogs since I was 12. Neighbors, friends, and family have a relied on me to walk, feed, and watch their pets for years. I've grown up with a family dog in the house, but have considered many of my family friends pets as my own over the years.
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Maylene D.

14 years of experience

pet lovin' girl ready for duty :)

Orange, CA, 92866
I have taken care of dogs since I was 10! I got my first dog when I was in 6th grade and I now have 3 dogs. Currently, I am in college at Chapman, so I am really missing my pups. I would love to get to know your pups and have fun with them whenever u need!
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Justine H.

15 years of experience

Dogs Rule

Orange, CA, 92868
Hello, hello! I have been a dog owner my entire life and currently have two pups that I take everywhere with me! I understand not all owners have the luxury of doing so & I would love to help give your dog a meaningful experience. I often pet sit for my busy neighbors and enjoy including the dogs I know on various hiking and beach adventures. I have a love for meeting new dogs and ...
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Brittany & Samantha H.

15 years of experience

Kitty or Pup's New Best Friend

Orange, CA, 92867
I got my kittens Duke and Duchess less than 3 months ago. It was very hard for me to leave them alone for the first time. I feel very lucky I found Brithney and Samantha. they responded to my request within an hour and we setup a quick time for them to meet my kittens at the house. I could see how kind and caring they were to my cats. During the time they watch ...
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Jessica G.

15 years of experience

Animal Enthusiast!

Anaheim, CA, 92805
I have always had pets from the day I was born. I absolutely adore taking care of them and many friends have reached out for me to take care of their pets while they are away. I've also volunteered at my local animal shelter for years and I absolutely love doing so!
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Ashley O.

15 years of experience

Home full time- offer grooming

Meredith Parkwood, SANTA ANA, CA, 92705
I have been taking care of pets my whole life. I got into the boarding and daycare feild when I was 18 at a boarding facility. I moved to working in a pet hospital to become a vet assistant. I took some time off. I then went into bathing and grooming which I did for 6 years. I am now a stay at home mother. I do grooming from my home; bathing, clipping and/or nails, ...
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Michelle C.

15 years of experience

Animal Rescuer/Foster & Fur Mom/ RN

Santa Ana, CA, 92706
Michelle was an amazing dog walker and we would hire her again in a heartbeat. She came over for a meet and greet and we could immediately tell our dog would be in good, loving hands. She spoke with us for a long time about our senior dog all the while loving on him and petting him. She offered to feed him dinner and help him up and down the stairs. She was so clearly ...
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Anthony & Ariana L.

20 years of experience

Your pets will get the best care!

Southeast, Anaheim, CA, 92805
We are animal lovers and have had pets our whole lives. We believe pets love humans unconditionally and we are their whole world, so they deserve the best life we can give them. Positive reinforcement and lots of love is key. We will care for any fur baby as if they were our own.
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Judy M.

42 years of experience

CARING, LOVING walker for all pets

ORANGE, CA, 92866
My first dog sitting was for Caesar & Cleopatra - 2 gorgeous Dobermans. I have loved pets and all animals my entire life. We have a "mini-zoo" at our house and I LOVE IT!!! I run my own HR consulting business and have the ability to manage my own schedule. My profile states my availability. But if you have needs outside of the schedule - let's discuss it. We have a fenced yard - all ...
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In conclusion, there are an array of outstanding pet sitters in Orange County who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to your cherished companions while you're away. As you prepare to entrust your pet to a sitter, remember that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Our mobile veterinary services in Orange County, CA make it convenient and easy to address your pet's needs, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, all from the comfort of your own home.

Book a mobile vet appointment with us today, and let's work together to ensure your pet's health and happiness are in the best hands, whether they're with a top pet sitter in Orange County or snuggled up at home with you.

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