Entrusting the care of your beloved furry friend to a pet sitter can be a daunting decision, as you want to ensure they receive the same love, attention, and care as they would at home. With countless options of available pet sitters in Brooklyn, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your pet's unique needs and personality.

That's why we've carefully curated a list of the best pet sitters in Brooklyn, NY, each renowned for providing exceptional care, reliable service, and personalized attention to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in their absence.

So, let's explore the top pet sitters who can give you peace of mind and provide your cherished companion with the love and care they deserve.

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a sitter, it's essential to consider several veterinary services to ensure their well-being during your absence. These include: a wellness exam, vaccinations, and microchipping. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Brooklyn, NY can provide all of those and more in the comfort of your home!

Paulina V.

3 years of experience

These paws were made for walking

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, 11216
I've been a New York dog walker for over 3 years. I worked for a company that offered care for all kinds of dogs; big, small, puppies, seniors, active, couch potatoes, and more! On top of walks, I've both dog sat and boarded dogs in the past, both for the company I worked for as well as private clients. I have also taken care of cats, and the occasional guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla and I've ...
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Kimberly C.

5 years of experience

Tu dog mi dog

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, 11213
Hi my name is Kim. I live in Crown heights moved here 2021 from Minnesota. Im a barber full time in financial district. I will treat your pet as if it were mine. I love all pets... Sometimes more than humans. I know how hard it could be with a tight schedule and having no time to walk or watch your pet. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. I look forward ...
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Kevin P.

5 years of experience

For the love of dogs!

Brooklyn, NY, 11225
Kevin is wonderful with dogs! He is the first boarder I've used, and he will continue to be my top boarder for future stays. Kevin took the time to understand my dog's reactivity with other dogs, and I felt comfortable with him given he has handled reactive dogs in the past. Kevin took my dog on plenty of walks during his stay and provided me with many updates on how my dog was doing while ...
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Jeremy & Anita S.

6 years of experience

Man's Best Friends' Best Friend

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
We are both experienced dog walkers with 4 years on Rover and many more before that being the family dog sitter. We have a Chocolate Lab named Chance who has gone through several levels of obedience training where we have both learned many helpful techniques for behavior that we bring to each visit. We both will work with you to maintain any training your dog has already received as well as provide additional tips and ...
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Jiajia L.

8 years of experience

Ready to pamper your cats

Brooklyn, NY, 11225
Crown-height-based pet sitter specializing in cats—I know it can be stressful for your pet when you aren't around. I tailor my cat-sitting services to your cat's personality and needs, enabling me to create the most comfortable environment for my clients. I have over seven years of experience caring for cats, including those with health conditions, and I am dedicated to making your cats, and you feel at ease.
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Hudson C.

8 years of experience


Mapleton-Flatlands, Brooklyn, NY, 11210
I have been a dogsitter on and off for years, and will rigorously attend to all exercise, medical, food, and play related duties (emphasis on the play). I have experience with canines of all types: the well-trained and constant leash-tuggers, the young and old, the handbag-sized and the absolutely gargantuan. Regardless the category your dog falls under, I can guarantee a safe, mindful, and fun experience for them in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area!
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Michael T.

8 years of experience

Caring, experienced pet care pro!

Brooklyn, NY, 11216
This testimonial is for my former roommate Michael T. My name is Matthew D. I was one of two roommates with Mike Troy living in Brooklyn, New York from 2015-2020. I moved home in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Sarah G.

10 years of experience

A caring and reliable friend

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
Aside from my own personal pet experience, I have regularly helped in shelters and homes to ensure the safety, love and health of your pets and all animals. I am reliable, quick to respond and ready for all scenarios
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Spencer A.

10 years of experience

Committed dog owner and lover!

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
For my whole life I've had a love for all animals, and I've been working as an experienced walker in Brooklyn for the past 10 years.
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Ashton K.

10 years of experience

A walk a day to keep the vet away

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
Ive had pets since i was 7, ranging from dogs, cats, fishes, parrots and even a monkey. Ive been the sole care-taker for all so im bery great with pets.
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Diane R.

12 years of experience

Providing cuddles and care!

Brooklyn, NY, 11213
Hi! My name is Diane, and I've been living in Brooklyn for the last 8 years. I am an avid animal lover, and will always treat your furry friend with kindness, patience and respect - and of course plenty of love! I've had pets of all kinds my whole life - cats, dogs, turtles, birds and more. I have experience with puppy age to senior dogs/cats, pets that need medication, those recovering surgery. You can ...
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Alex P.

15 years of experience

Dog mom to all!

Brooklyn, NY, 11225
I have over 15 years of experience caring for other people's dogs and have had them all my life. I used to walk dogs for wealthy and famous people in Tribeca and am now a dog mom living in Brooklyn.
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Becca G.

15 years of experience

Veterinary Technician

Flatbush, NY, 11226
I've known Rebecca for a couple years now and she has taken care of my two pups on multiple occasions while I have been out of town. Each time I have nothing but great experiences to share. She is very caring and nurturing to my babies and I've seen her interact with many other pets as well. I know that as a Veterinary Technician she gets a lot of exposure that other people otherwise wouldn't ...
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Abby T.

15 years of experience

Former Cat Foster Parent & Caretake

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
I've grown up surrounded by dogs & cats. Friends and family have relied on me for caretaking while they are away. I also formerly fostered cats, taking care of 5 different cats over the course of a year.
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Brian R.

15 years of experience

Your Best Friend's Best Friend

Prospect Lefferts Gardens, NY, 11225
It's tough for a pet and their parent when they're separated. I never like it either! So, I make sure to keep you updated about your pet's day and to plan activities to keep your pet occupied. Prospect Park just one block away!! I grew up around dogs and cats. I can handle all your best friend's needs.
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Lika & Alister C.

15 years of experience

Providing love and cuddles

Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, NY, 11213
My wife and I didn't have a chance to meet Alister, but we did have the pleasure of meeting Lika. She was amazing, friendly and welcoming. It was the first time we were boarding our pup and it's safe to say she had such a great time that we don't think she missed us much, ha. They have a great setup, dedicated area, and outdoor space and Lika kept us updated with pictures and text ...
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Kathleen S.

20 years of experience

I am a cat AND dog lover

Brooklyn, NY, 11226
I have been a pet owner my entire life and am very grateful to have experience with all kinds of furry friends. From dogs of all breeds, to cats of all temperaments, to very talkative birds, to very shy rabbits, I know just how unique and special each individual pet is. The lives we share with our pets is irreplaceable. It is my core belief that every animal should be given the best life possible. ...
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Ben B.

23 years of experience

Never Met An Animal I Didn't Like

Brooklyn, NY, 11225
I've had animals in my life as long as I can remember. My parents were big Dobermann rescue fans and I became accustomed to large dogs early on. It wasn't until I took care of a three-legged Chihuahau named Ingmar that I fell for smaller breeds. These days I'm a sucker for pretty much any pup I meet.
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Rebecca S.

25 years of experience

Dog and cat lover!

Brooklyn, NY, 11225
I've had dogs (both big and small), cats, hamsters, and taken care of birds. I have experience with senior dogs and puppies, energetic dogs and lazy ones too!
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In conclusion, there are an array of outstanding pet sitters in Brooklyn who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to your cherished companions while you're away. As you prepare to entrust your pet to a sitter, remember that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Our mobile veterinary services in Brooklyn, NY make it convenient and easy to address your pet's needs, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, all from the comfort of your own home.

Book a mobile vet appointment with us today, and let's work together to ensure your pet's health and happiness are in the best hands, whether they're with a top pet sitter in Brooklyn or snuggled up at home with you.

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