Entrusting the care of your beloved furry friend to a pet sitter can be a daunting decision, as you want to ensure they receive the same love, attention, and care as they would at home. With countless options of available pet sitters in Boston, it can be challenging to find the perfect match for your pet's unique needs and personality.

That's why we've carefully curated a list of the best pet sitters in Boston, MA, each renowned for providing exceptional care, reliable service, and personalized attention to ensure your pet feels comfortable and secure in their absence.

So, let's explore the top pet sitters who can give you peace of mind and provide your cherished companion with the love and care they deserve.

Before entrusting your beloved pet to a sitter, it's essential to consider several veterinary services to ensure their well-being during your absence. These include: a wellness exam, vaccinations, and microchipping. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Boston, MA can provide all of those and more in the comfort of your home!

Yasmeen K.

3 years of experience

Trustworthy and Caring Pet Sitting

Cambridge, MA, 02141
I am an experienced pet-sitter and have a genuine, passionate love for animals. I have experience caring for all kinds of pets, ranging from puppies, kittens, to birds and other small animals. My special skills include understanding animal behavior, as well as providing companionship for senior animals. I am also very attentive and patient with animals, ensuring their safety, nutrition, and overall well-being.
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Talah M.

5 years of experience

Dog lover by heart

Central, Boston, MA, 02110
I always put your pets needs above all else! My own dog can agree too, love care and companionship is what I aim to give!
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Kelsey C.

5 years of experience

Professional Dog Mom

Boston, MA, 02108
I have my own pit bull mix at home that I love more than life. I am comfortable and experienced with dogs with all sorts of behavior issues. I have been caring for animals for neighbors, friends and family since I was a child.
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Nathan Z.

5 years of experience

Pet loving grad student

Boston, MA, 02111
I've been taking care of my family's pet dog, Chaplin, a 13 year-old Tibetan Spaniel since we got him as a puppy. He is living his best life in San Diego with my parents. I have thus lived with and taken care of young and old dogs.
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Allison B.

5 years of experience

The best boarder in Boston!

South Boston, Boston, MA, 02210
I've taken care of all types of dogs; age, breed, etc. I specialize in leash walking and love to play with them! I make sure they are well taken care of and they are having an amazing time.
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Sara M.

5 years of experience

North End - Let's walk!

Central, Boston, MA, 02113
Taking care of animals has been a life long passion. I love dogs of all ages, and treat each as my own. I spent my college years at Cornell walking doggos of all ages (but I have a special place in my heart for the elderly ). Close by I have my childhood dog Scruffy, who I grew up raising and is my best friend!
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Jude P.

8 years of experience

Trustworthy and reliable Pet Sitter

Boston, MA, 02111
I just wanted to write a quick referral for my friend Jude, who is looking for a pet-sitting job. Jude has been taking care of my dog Nala for as long as I have known him (around 8 years), and I have nothing but great things to say about their pet-sitting skills!
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Ana E.

8 years of experience

offering basic obedience training

Boston, MA, 02116
Since I have known Ana, she has always filled her animals with love and attention. She has gone far and beyond to ensure her animals are healthy, happy and spoiled, therefore I am sure she will ensure the safety and happiness of your pet. She is an animal loving, responsible, and honest individual. She has personally taken care of my own animals and they were given endless love and attention under her care. She is ...
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Catherine W.

10 years of experience

Excited to care for your pet!

Back Bay-Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, 02114
Hi! My name is Catherine and I've spent over a decade of caring for my own pets and sitting neighbors and friends pets. As an animal lover, there is nothing in the realm of pet care that I'm uncomfortable with so I'll list some of the unique pet care experiences I have had. I've cared for senior dogs with lots of medical needs so I am well versed in extensive care regimens. I also have ...
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Kelly R.

10 years of experience

your fur baby's fun aunt

Boston, MA, 02108
I grew up around a variety of animals (cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters, bunnies, lizards) and have experience taking care of them all. Now I have two of my own, a cat and a dog, that are my whole world!
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Callie B.

10 years of experience

Active Dog Lover!

Back Bay-Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, 02108
I have grown up with dogs and cats and have loved and connected with them. For the past 5 years I have been housesitting and caring for dogs, cats and other farm animals. I also lived on several goat farms milking and caring for them. I have experience working with, training and caring for all ages and breeds of dogs and am comfortable dealing with puppies to old doggies!
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Gabby S.

12 years of experience

Animal loving sitter!

Boston, MA, 02108
I've taken care of cats ever since I was a kid. I grew up around friends and family's dogs, who I've helped care for. I love all animals and would love to help care for yours!
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Laura S.

15 years of experience

Premium Dog & Cat Care in Boston

Central, Boston, MA, 02109
My family has had labs ever since I was 15 - I love to take them for walks in our town forest, and am often home dog sitting on the weekends while my parents travel. I love to care for them, and look forward to doing the same for you and your pet!
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Haley T.

18 years of experience

Pawfically Wonderful Pet Sitting

Boston, MA, 02108
I have cared for an animal since I was a young girl. I grew up on a farm for most of my life, and I am currently studying Biology to become a veterinarian. I have experience with small pups and kittens, elderly pets, pregnant pets, and the ill. My experience includes but is not limited to administering dewormer, anxiety/flea medication, bathing, ensuring they are fed, walking both small and large dogs, and cleaning a litter ...
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Abby D.

22 years of experience

An experience tailored to your pet

Central, Boston, MA, 02113
I've always grown up with a dog and am a huge dog lover. My family currently has two Golden Retriever's but I've also grown up with two German Shepherd's before them, so I'm very comfortable around large dogs. One of my Goldens lived with me during my senior year of college, so I have a lot of experience taking care of dogs with little-to-no help.
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Ellie W.

24 years of experience

Dog Mom Dodging Corporate America

Back Bay-Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, 02114
Hi! I grew up with dogs - Rhodesian Ridgebacks - took care of a lab/retriever mutt throughout high school & now have my own (small) dog here in the city! This means that I'm well versed in all things dog - their body language, daily mental & physical requirements, & what makes them tick. Whether your dog is reactive or fearful or happy-go-lucky, I'm here to help & make our time together the best it ...
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Mina M.

25 years of experience

Professional and caring cat sitter!

Central, Boston, MA, 02114
Greetings! I offer cat sitting services in the Beacon Hill, West End (MGH) region of Boston. If you are interested in my services, I offer a free in person or virtual meet and greet to ensure it's a good fit. You can use code MINAM74510 to get $20 off your first Rover booking. A little more about me: I am available for cat visits and wellness checks. I make sure food is topped up, water ...
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Michaela F.

25 years of experience

Dog Lover who Wants 2 Love Your Dog

Central, Boston, MA, 02114
I've grown up with dogs in my home my entire life and taken care of neighbors and friends dogs as well. They have relied on my to walk, feed and play (as well as cuddle of course).
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Ren J.

35 years of experience

Who's a Good Dog or Cat? All Of 'Em

Back Bay-Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, 02114
Over 35 years of professional experience caring for dogs and cats. I'll talk sweetly to your dog as we walk: I'm good at gently persuading dogs to sit as we wait for "walk" signs and heel even when they're not usually great at it. I'll give your dog fresh water after the walk, always and if I'm 'sitting will make sure he or she has the food they need. For cat care I'm always up ...
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In conclusion, there are an array of outstanding pet sitters in Boston who are dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized attention to your cherished companions while you're away. As you prepare to entrust your pet to a sitter, remember that their health and well-being are of the utmost importance.

Our mobile veterinary services in Boston, MA make it convenient and easy to address your pet's needs, such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and microchipping, all from the comfort of your own home.

Book a mobile vet appointment with us today, and let's work together to ensure your pet's health and happiness are in the best hands, whether they're with a top pet sitter in Boston or snuggled up at home with you.

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