The Best Pet Adoption Centers in Southern New Jersey

The Best Pet Adoption Centers in Southern New Jersey

Pet adoption is an amazing way to bring a furry companion into your life and give a loving home to an animal in need. However, with so many animal shelters and rescue organizations out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That's why we've put together a comprehensive list of the best pet adoption centers in Southern New Jersey. From small local rescues to large nationwide organizations, these centers have all earned a reputation for providing top-notch care and finding forever homes for their furry friends. Whether you're looking for a dog, cat, bird, or even a more exotic pet, we've got you covered.

So head over to one of these pet adoption centers in Southern New Jersey and get ready to find your new best friend!

A pet wellness exam and vaccinations are essential steps to ensure a healthy and happy start for your newly adopted furry companion. These preventive measures not only safeguard your pet against potentially life-threatening diseases, but they also serve as a foundation for building a strong bond with your pet. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Southern New Jersey can bring these vet services to the comfort of your home!

East Coast Herding-Dog Organization Rescue Inc

ECHO's mission is to rescue herding breed dogs, primarily Border Collies, Aussies, Cattle Dogs, and herding mixes, etc, from high kill shelters . Our top priority is dogs who are “in crisis” – those at risk of euthanasia. Through time in loving foster homes, our rescues can come into balance and learn that life is good, then move on to a loving forever home.
Howell, NJ

For the Love of Birds

For the Love of Birds is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion birds through rescue, care and placement. We are a network of dedicated foster homes through NJ and Eastern PA. we have no central location. As our adoptable birds are living in volunteer foster homes we only allow approved applicants to make required visits prior to adoption and require forever homes to be within easy driving distance of a bird's foster home location. Parrots can live long lives, 20 to 80 years, and because of this and by virtue of not being a domesticated animal, they will end up living in multiple homes for various reasons; unfulfilled expectations, death, moving, loss of job, life ...
Manalapan, NJ

Happy Animal Sanctuary

Our Mission is to create a happy sanctuary for vulnerable animals, and sustenance for all living beings.
Howell, NJ

Jersey Animal Rescue

We are a group of passionate animal advocates who decided it was time to take action. After coming together in a coffee shop, it was a no-brainer for us to start this project. Follow along on our journey to improve the lives of animals in Monmouth County, New Jersey!​
279 Millstone Rd, Millstone Township, NJ 08535-1215

Pitties and Pals Rescue

Pitties and Pals Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue group. Our mission is to rescue dogs and educate the public. Although our main focus is the bully breed, we are committed to all dogs in need. We believe RESCUE involves a multitude of approaches that includes liberating dogs from “at risk” situations, whether in a shelter or with an owner in need of assistance. While adoption is always the ultimate goal, we believe transitioning into foster care allows for socialization and training that are key components to a successful placement.Pitties and Pals volunteers are also committed to changing the negative public perception of the Bully Breed. As such, we welcome opportunities to...
PO Box 692, Jackson, NJ 08527

On Angels Wings and Healing Hooves Inc

Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy as they are with us in our sanctuary.
Cream Ridge, NJ

Dutchie and Renee Senior Cat Rescue

The Dutchie and Renee Senior Cat Rescue Foundation is dedicated to assisting displaced older cats by helping find them foster and permanent homes.
Millstone Township, NJ

Calling All Cats Rescues Inc

We are a volunteer cat rescue group, some of whom work at a Spay and Neuter Clinic. We started by helping all of the unwanted cats that are left at our door year round. As a group, we save the babies that are left alone, the countless mothers that have had numerous litters and those that are losing or have lost their home. To help humanely lower the feline population, we spay and neuter feral cats and then find homes for the friendly adults and the offspring that have been born. We help the public to find resources to alter their own pets as well as the stray/feral cats in their care. To also help control feline populations in our communities, we provide resources regarding TNR Programs for ...
77 E Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ 08527

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue Inc

Helping Hearts Equine Rescue began in 2008. Over the years 275+ horses, ponies, mules, donkeys (& 1 Zonkey!!) have arrived to safety, security, rehabilitation and love at Helping Hearts. HHER began with a desire to provide a soft landing to senior cast-offs and while we take in any that are in need, they've always been our focus. Our Super Seniors spend the remainder of their lives with us enjoying the love and care that they earned and deserve over a lifetime of service. Our younger “kids” have physical/medical issues that make them “unadoptable” and also have a home for life with us. Helping Hearts isn't a big rescue, we can't responsibly take in large numbers of animals, but I like t...
260 Millstone Rd, Millstone Township, NJ 08535-1213

Rowdy Rescues Group Inc

Rowdy Rescues Group is a nonprofit animal rescue made up of animal lovers and advocates. Our founders are shelter volunteers, veterinary technicians, dog handlers, & behavioral educators. We have seen firsthand how so very important rescue is & how much animals depend on us. Our mission is to rescue as many animals as we can from any unfortunate circumstances. We strive to rescue, rehabilitate, care for, and find them all loving homes.
53 Darien Rd, Howell, NJ 07731

Shore Saves

Shore Saves provides care, comfort, and compassion to animals in need while working to find them permanent, loving new homes and families.
Farmingdale, NJ

Wilma's Orphans Inc

Wilma's Orphans, Inc. in New Jersey is a small not for profit [501c3] rescue that works very hard finding permanent homes for dogs who need a second or third or fourth chance at happiness. All dogs are completely vetted, shots, blood tests, spay/neuter [if necessary]. You will never get "a pig in a poke" when you adopt from Wilma's Orphans. Each dog's temperament and personality is well-known so prospective adopters are fully informed before adopting. There are a variety of breeds, mixes, sizes, shapes, sexes, ages and colors. All dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption. Practically something for everyone. The dog adoption process consists of an application, home visit, contract, and don...
Jackson, NJ

Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue

Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Yorkshire Terriers and other small breed dogs.
Manchester Township, NJ

Kitty Retirement Home

Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home. Most of our residents are life-long sanctuary kitties with special needs or old age, hospice kitties that will live with us for their whole lives.
Howell, NJ

Homeless Animal Lifeline

Our all-volunteer organization keeps animals out of shelters by providing vet care, food, and supplies, and transport assistance, as well as feeding managed feral cat colonies and providing longterm care for special needs and hospice animals.
Manalapan, NJ

In conclusion, there are a variety of exceptional pet adoption centers in Southern New Jersey, each dedicated to connecting loving families with their perfect furry companions.

As you embark on this wonderful journey of pet parenthood, remember that the health and well-being of your new family member is a top priority. Our mobile veterinary services in Southern New Jersey are designed to make your life easier, providing comprehensive care and convenience right at your doorstep.

Book a mobile vet appointment today and let's ensure your beloved companion enjoys a lifetime of happiness and health together with you.

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