The Best Pet Adoption Centers in Philadelphia, PA

The Best Pet Adoption Centers in Philadelphia, PA

Pet adoption is an amazing way to bring a furry companion into your life and give a loving home to an animal in need. However, with so many animal shelters and rescue organizations out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That's why we've put together a comprehensive list of the best pet adoption centers in Philadelphia. From small local rescues to large nationwide organizations, these centers have all earned a reputation for providing top-notch care and finding forever homes for their furry friends. Whether you're looking for a dog, cat, bird, or even a more exotic pet, we've got you covered.

So head over to one of these pet adoption centers in Philadelphia, PA and get ready to find your new best friend!

A pet wellness exam and vaccinations are essential steps to ensure a healthy and happy start for your newly adopted furry companion. These preventive measures not only safeguard your pet against potentially life-threatening diseases, but they also serve as a foundation for building a strong bond with your pet. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Philadelphia, PA can bring these vet services to the comfort of your home!

Alpha Bravo Canine

Alpha Bravo Canine™️ raises, trains and donates service dogs to disabled veterans suffering from combat related disabilities to live an independent productive life with the aid of their service dog.
Philadelphia, PA

Philly Rescue Angels Inc.

We are a 501c3 Animal Rescue, based in Philadelphia, Pa. Saving Animals, finding them homes & giving them a second chance at life
Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania SPCA

The PSPCA rescues animals from cruelty and neglect, rehabilitates them medically and behaviorally, and places them with new, loving families. We bring our mission to life through the lifesaving efforts of our Humane Law Enforcement division, in-house Shelter Hospital, low-cost veterinary services, behavior and enrichment program, humane education, and placement of abandoned animals in loving forever homes.
350 E Erie Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Retired Tails A Fur-Ever After Story

Retired Tails is dedicated to rescuing senior dogs from local shelters and providing them with their very own Fur-Ever retirement home, where they will live out their best days in the happiest, most loving, and forgiving setting before their final transition to Paw Heaven. No senior dog should have to live their last days alone or in a stressful shelter. It is our mission to crown as many seniors as we possibly can, giving them the love, comfort, and royalty before gaining their halos. Although our ultimate goal is rescuing seniors, it is our passion to ensure all animals experience what it is to be a beloved pet. We provide TNR and after care services to our kitty friends who enjoy living outdoors. From bunnies and cats to giraffes and sharks, any animal we come across who needs a loving home, (or a sanctuary), will receive assistance- no furs, paws or tails about it!
1024-26 S. 52nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Brenda's Cat Rescue

Brenda's Cat Rescue was founded by Brenda Malinics, a well-respected animal advocate in the Philadelphia area. With a small group of volunteers and completely self-funded, we rescue stray and abandoned cats primarily in North and Northwest Philadelphia, provide for their vet care, and work to place them in great forever homes.
701 Cathedral Road, Suite 45 Pmb #90, Philadelphia, PA 19128


Empowering the community to care for cats.
38 W. Rockland Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Charlie's Army Animal Rescue

Charlie's Army is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We are a small, independent, animal rescue located in Philadelphia, PA. Our animals often come to us in their greatest time of need: found living on the streets and eating garbage, orphaned kittens that have been abandoned by their mother and who are starving, kittens left in boxes in freezing cold weather, and rescued from the city shelter where they have been placed on the euthanasia list. They are often sick, scared, and need around-the-clock care. We rehabilitate these innocent animals so that they can leave our care and live the rest of their lives in a forever home where they will be safe, fed, warm, and loved beyond measure.
Philadelphia, PA

Green Street Rescue

"Cats Nap. Only people put them to sleep!" Green Street Rescue(GSR) is a non-profit (501c3) located in Philadelphia. We are focused on rescuing stray and homeless cats and practicing TNRM** ( Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage) for the feral cats in the city. Our mission also includes finding foster homes and eventual adoptions for the friendly rescues.
2713 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Here Kitty Kitty Cat Rescue

Here Kitty Kitty Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to giving the homeless and unwanted cats of Philadelphia a chance at success and a new life in a loving forever home. We believe every animal deserves the best chance and we will do whatever it takes to give them their best chance with the help of our volunteers, our fundraising and our amazing supporters.
Philadelphia, PA

LIFE Foundation

Our organization works behind the scenes raising money for shelter pets in need, whether it be a medical expense or behavioral training, setting up pet pantries in communities that need some assistance and working to divert dogs and cats into better living conditions before they are surrendered to area shelters
Philadelphia, PA

Second Chances Rescue

Second Chances Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was established to find loving homes for cats and dogs in the Philadelphia community. More specifically, Second Chances Rescue, Inc. (SCR) will help rescue, rehabilitate, foster, and make cats and dogs available for adoption into permanent and loving homes in the community. Our mission is help improve the quality of life for animals in need.
Philadelphia, PA

Street Tails Animal Rescue

Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless, unwanted and abandoned dogs in the Philadelphia area. Our goal is to pull local animals out of shelters and find them loving, forever homes.
1030 N 2nd St, Unit 401, Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Black Thornberry Inc

Our organization is committed to helping stray and abandoned animals off the streets while providing assistance and support to the community.
Philadelphia, PA

The Cat Collaborative

We believe every cat who wants a home deserves a home. The Cat Collaborative serves to create best-practice initiatives, support and amplify the work of partner rescues and shelters, coordinate and enhance neighborhood relationships and build an effective volunteer network to strategically serve cats and those who love them. Recognizing Philadelphia's unique landscape, our multifaceted approach considers the role that feral, friendly strays and unsterilized pets contribute to cat overpopulation. Our initiative will facilitate increased TNR, provide sterilization surgery for pets and provide friendly strays with behavioral assessments and rescue placement. The Cat Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
201 Rouse Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19112

Wet Nose Rescue

Wet Nose Rescue works hard to help those who are unable to help themselves. Our goal is to help abandoned dogs and puppies that would otherwise be euthanized or subject to a life in extremely poor conditions, unloved and neglected.
14425 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19116

In conclusion, there are a variety of exceptional pet adoption centers in Philadelphia, each dedicated to connecting loving families with their perfect furry companions.

As you embark on this wonderful journey of pet parenthood, remember that the health and well-being of your new family member is a top priority. Our mobile veterinary services in Philadelphia, PA are designed to make your life easier, providing comprehensive care and convenience right at your doorstep.

Book a mobile vet appointment today and let's ensure your beloved companion enjoys a lifetime of happiness and health together with you.

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