Pet adoption is an amazing way to bring a furry companion into your life and give a loving home to an animal in need. However, with so many animal shelters and rescue organizations out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That's why we've put together a comprehensive list of the best pet adoption centers in Boston. From small local rescues to large nationwide organizations, these centers have all earned a reputation for providing top-notch care and finding forever homes for their furry friends. Whether you're looking for a dog, cat, bird, or even a more exotic pet, we've got you covered.

So head over to one of these pet adoption centers in Boston, MA and get ready to find your new best friend!

A pet wellness exam and vaccinations are essential steps to ensure a healthy and happy start for your newly adopted furry companion. These preventive measures not only safeguard your pet against potentially life-threatening diseases, but they also serve as a foundation for building a strong bond with your pet. Luckily, our team of mobile veterinarians in Boston, MA can bring these vet services to the comfort of your home!

Chewy Test Shelter

Boston, MA
Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home.
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East Boston Community Soup Kitchen

28 Paris St, East Boston, MA 02128
The East Boston Community Soup Kitchen opens every Tuesday to provide free food for all those who enter our doors. We strive to provide a sense of community to those affected by hunger, homelessness, and difficult life circumstances, while offering the humane treatment and compassionate many struggle to receive in their everyday lives.
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Harvest on Vine- Charlestown

49 Vine Street, Charlestown, MA 02129
Our organization is committed to feeding food insecure families, feeding these families twice per month. As a result, we are equally committed to keeping their pets fed with healthy options when donated pet food becomes available. These families have nothing and extremely limited resources, which places them in line each month to receive food. When their pet owners suffer their pets suffer equally or greater, which is why we need your help.
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A Place for Ace Inc

Boston, MA
Our mission is to select adoptable dogs from kill shelters and rescue them from unnecessary euthanization for space. Our customers are our dogs and we are dedicated to making sure they are safe, cared for and loved. We provide adopters with the tools they need to be successful dog parents. We also educate on the importance of adopting vs. buying from breeders. Too many animals are killed due to crowded shelters. We hope to make a difference one life at a time.
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Animal Rescue League of Boston

10 Chandler St, Boston, MA 02116
For over 120 years, The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) has responded to the needs of animals and the people who care about them. In fact, we are often the first to respond. With over 1,000 dedicated volunteers and 100 staff members, ARL lends unwavering support to local animals, families, and neighborhoods. We provide outstanding veterinary care, adoption, and field services. We also confront the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect through special police investigation and advocacy aimed at strengthening the laws that protect animals. Last year alone, 23,938 animals were helped with your support! Today, we increasingly focus on prevention and the impact we can have on more animals; keeping them out of shelters and in the communities where they belong. This ambitious call to action is reflected in our new vision for the future.
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Black Cat Rescue Inc.

Somerville, MA
Black Cat Rescue is a No Kill cat rescue organization in Boston, MA. Did you know that black cats are only half as likely to get adopted as cats of other colors? Neither did we! Black Cat Rescue strives to change those odds for black cats in Massachusetts. Our all-volunteer network of foster homes is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless black cats and kittens by providing quality foster care while actively seeking loving, permanent adoptive homes. As an organization, we work to improve the public image of both black cats and animal adoption by making black cat adoption a positive experience for all involved. We fully embrace the tenets of the No Kill movement. Our foster cats come from ...
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Boston's Forgotten Felines

Roslindale, MA
Throughout the city of Boston there is a population of feral and abandoned cats suffering homeless lives. We are a group of dedicated caretakers who feed, TNR (trap, neuter, return), and rehome friendly cats. We believe education is the key to decrease and one day prevent animals from being homeless. End the Cycle: Spay / Neuter your pets and stop abandoning them.
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Charles River Alleycats

Milton, MA
Charles River Alleycats is the primary organization working to humanely control the community cat population in Eastern Massachusetts. Since our founding in 2002, we have helped more than 15,000 cats. We accomplish these results primarily with volunteers who work tirelessly on the streets. Feral cats who are unsocialized to people are humanely trapped, sterilized, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and returned to their caretaker who provides food, water, and shelter so that they can live long, comfortable lives. Friendly stray cats are either reunited with their owners or if not claimed, are adopted through one of our shelter partners. We are the group that prevents street cat populations from m...
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Second Chance Shelter for Cats

Jamaica Plain, MA
Second Chance was created in 1999 to address the overwhelming need to house abandoned cats in Boston. Our neighborhood, Jamaica Plain, is also home to the wealthiest KILL shelter in the state, MSPCA. I moved to JP after college, and found an abandoned momcat and kittens. The big 3 local shelters with annual multi-million dollar budgets; MSPCA, Animal Rescue League and City of Boston Shelter (look them up on GUIDESTAR), at most offered me a trap to bring the cat and kittens to them for extermination. Instead of saving thousands of lives annually, MSPCA was busy building their THIRD new facility (of my lifetime) and paying their CEO $750,000.00 a year (as exposed by the Boston Globe). Horrifie...
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Ellen M Gifford Sheltering Home for Cats

30 Undine Rd, Brighton, MA 02135
The mission of Gifford Cat Shelter is to provide a safe haven for stray, abused, and unwanted cats until they are matched with their permanent loving homes. Their home until they're home:At Gifford, cats are free to roam and play. They nap in sunny windows, get plenty of exercise, and enjoy tons of love and attention while they wait for their forever homes. A no-kill shelter, Gifford believes that all cats should have a chance to live their lives free of pain and fear. No matter their story, every Gifford cat has a future to look forward to. And until they find their new homes, they'll spend their days in bright, open environments, getting all the love they need!
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Last Hope K9 Rescue

Boston, MA
Last Hope K9 Rescue is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit all-breed dog rescue based in Massachusetts dedicated to saving abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters in Central Arkansas and beyond. We don't discriminate on the basis of age, pre-existing medical conditions, or breed, because every dog deserves to know love. As the literal “last hope” of the dogs we serve, our southern fosters pull dogs and puppies from partner shelters in Arkansas. While in foster, each dog receives love, care, and medical treatment, then receives a health clearance and transports to New England. After a mandatory 48-hour quarantine stay and an additional health clearance, each dog is picked ...
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Lucky Cats Rescue

565 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472
Our organization is committed to keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while they wait to be placed in a forever home. Our mission is simple but meaningful: Lucky Cats Rescue partners with select rescues and shelters to provide specialty support and care of hard-to-place kittens and cats. LCR strives to pair those cats and kittens with the humans that need them. We believe that the strength of the bond between pets and their people can bring joy and comfort in difficult times.
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Milton Animal League

181 Governor Stoughton Ln, Milton, MA 02186-3712
The Milton Animal League is a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue, care, and adoption of animals in need at the Milton Animal Shelter. Every animal receives the best care possible. Their needs for housing, food and emotional support are met to the best of our ability. Every animal is fully vetted, and receives a physical exam, age appropriate vaccines, blood tests and spay/neuter. All adoptable animals are safe with us until they find their permanent homes with a new family. The Milton Animal Shelter is a 501 C3 non-profit charity organization. We rely solely on adoption and membership fees and donations from generous caring individuals and businesses.
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Quincy Animal Shelter

440r East Squantum Street, Quincy, MA 02171
Our mission is to advocate for animals by providing safety until home placement of those in our care. We promote spay and neuter programs as a means to control pet overpopulation and continually strive to be the leading community resource for education on proper animal welfare.
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Shultz's Guest House

Dedham, MA
Shultz's Guest House is committed to keeping pets in a safe, happy and healthy environment while they wait for their forever home.
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In conclusion, there are a variety of exceptional pet adoption centers in Boston, each dedicated to connecting loving families with their perfect furry companions.

As you embark on this wonderful journey of pet parenthood, remember that the health and well-being of your new family member is a top priority. Our mobile veterinary services in Boston, MA are designed to make your life easier, providing comprehensive care and convenience right at your doorstep.

Book a mobile vet appointment today and let's ensure your beloved companion enjoys a lifetime of happiness and health together with you.

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