The Top Dog Walkers in Vancouver, WA

The Top Dog Walkers in Vancouver, WA

When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Vancouver comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Vancouver, WA, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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5 years of experience
Rating: 5

Home full-time - big on play time!

Home full-time - big on play time! My name is Imani. I love all animals and I am a certified veterinary assistant. I have experience in not only doggie daycare but also have worked in an animal hospital and animal shelter. I'm big on play time and exercise. I don't like how some facilities will keep pets in a cage or cooped up for hours and not play with them. I plan to walk frequently and play frequently. I am a student as well but I am primarily Home. I am trained to take care of any pets with special needs and medication administration. Let me know ahead of time what will be needed and I will get it done. Love furry friends of all sizes! I am a full time Mama so I have a flexible schedule. My mini me usually accompanies me to check ins, but if that is something that makes anyone uncomfortable she can always stay with her father. In my own I have 3 levels and for range of motion I leave the first two open for any Pets inside and leave the third floor for my kitties to stay comfortable.


15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Furry friends are family

Furry friends are family I truly believe furry friends are family members! From growing up with 8 family pets in my childhood home, to adopting and training my own family dog as an adult, I've learned animals enhance our lives! They deserve just as much love, attention, and respect as our human family members. I aim to provide your furry friend with that same level of care and adoration! I am reliable, trustworthy and punctual! As a work-at-home mom to three amazing kids, I know how to properly organize my schedule and always show up on time. My kids will all be in school at certain hours of the day so this leaves me with extra time on my hands each week—I love to serve our community by assisting our neighbors with their pet needs. There may be some hours I have my 4yo son with me when we come to care for your pet, so just let me know if you are comfortable with that: he can always ride on my back with a carrier if that works best! I'm an avid daily walker (rain doesn't stop me!) and love a furry companion on those walks. If your pup enjoys ball chasing, frisbee tossing, stick throwing, we will have so much fun! I have many friends and family who have entrusted me with checking in on their pets or taking them for walks when away from home. I respect the fact that you are entrusting me to briefly be in your home to care for your pets and that agreement in trust will be top priority!

Katie Marie

15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Teacher who adores animals

Teacher who adores animals I have had different kinds of dogs my entire life, and loved and cared for every one of them. In my family I am the designated dog and cat watcher because I love animals and they love me. I also am a certified teacher so I have been through fingerprint and background checks within the last year. I am currently working part time with a flexible schedule, so I will be available for jobs throughout the week. I am usually busy on the weekends, but will occasionally have openings on weekends as well I am happy to play with your pets, take them for walks, give them baths or brush them, and of course leave food and water for them. I also have experience with dog training giving medications. I am used to taking care of many different breeds and sizes of dogs


1 year of experience
Rating: 5

I'll pet sit for your fur baby

I'll pet sit for your fur baby I've grown up with dogs and have spent the last several years pet sitting for friends. I have also spent a little time in the past working with a friend who ran a pet sitting business. I work from home on a flexible schedule so I can accommodate a variety of needs. It allows me to stop in for potty breaks and walks, or be in my home with the pets for the day. I am available for in home visits and have a great park outside my apartment for walking dogs that come to visit in my home.


30 years of experience
Rating: 5

Your pets new buddy

Your pets new buddy I grew up in a large family around many kinds of pets including dogs and cats. Most recently, I've been a built in dog sitter and trainer for the group of four pandemic puppies in my family; I've loved spending time with them and seeing how intelligent dogs truly are. I'll keep you updated during my time with your pet. I recently relocated to Vancouver with my partner and have an pretty open schedule to care for your fur babies. I generally do a dog park visit daily and currently have availability for walks and drop ins. I treat every pet I interact with the way I'd like my pets to be treated. I love spending time with pets. If you have a pup that wants to join me for a jog or a dog park visit that's a bonus for me.


7 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog Trainer/Walker; Adventure Ready

Dog Trainer/Walker; Adventure Ready I trained dogs of all ages (mostly young dogs, but seniors too!) for almost 8 years at Petco. I volunteered to walk shelter dogs at Oregon Humane Society and took a bunch of their dog handling classes. I have a ton of leash walking experience and confidence! I'm happy to work with dogs that are still learning to walk nicely and dogs that just need to get outside and enjoy the smells. I will be looking at working part time for a little while so I have plenty of time in the early mornings and sometimes the afternoon to spend with your dogs. I'm happy to follow whatever instructions you have for your individual dog! Everyone's needs are slightly different. I'm familiar with most dog gear and am happy to harness up your pooch!


2 years of experience
Rating: 5

When I see yours, I see mine

When I see yours, I see mine I grew up with all kinds of pets (feeding/walking them) and now have my own fur baby, a 1 year old mix named Zeus, who is my world! He is healthy, so happy (& a lil' spoiled), and being trained in basic obedience manners by me! I believe in forming connections with dogs, which makes walking, feeding, grooming, and training more manageable. When I see your pets, I see mine & they'll be cared for accordingly. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to weekdays/weekends, and can crate my pup at home when I need to tend to yours! My only time constraints are usually when I'm caring for someone else's fur baby! When taking care of your pet(s), communication with you is key to establish an understanding of how you'd like them taken care of. I want you and your pet to be comfortable. I've definitely gained patience through raising my pup and hope to implement that with yours. I'm learning a lot about the body language of dogs and keep caution + safety a #1 priority during walks/potty breaks.


3 years of experience
Rating: 5

I will treat yours as my own

I will treat yours as my own I grew up with a dog and three cats. My mom helped me develop a passion for animals as she rescues feral cats and kittens near her home. I volunteered at the Humane Society in high school and college helping animals experiencing homelessness find their furrever homes. I have two cats of my own now, Ozzie and Lucy, and they are my heart. I work from home full-time and have a flexible schedule so I am able to visit and walk your furr-babies whenever you need me to! I live in an apartment and have two friendly cats to keep yours company. I will ensure that your pet feels at home while I am checking in.


13 years of experience

I believe pets make us Human!

I believe pets make us Human! I have taken care of dogs/cats ever sense I was 8 years old and as well of other variety of pets, that includes bathing , feeding and taking care of essential needs for not just any furbaby but your furbaby! I take care of multiple pets a day I am a dog groomer after all so I have not only the experience of gentle care but I also trained a lot of my own dogs, including service dogs so I know what to do in case of emergency or how to handle your pet with care. since I am being a dog walker I normally take my pet on 1-2 hour walks daily as I have dealt with mainly large breeds but of course also have done 20 - 30 minute walks for medium to small breeds depending on there activity level and overall health. I look forward to discussing and addressing your pet needs to see fit.


25 years of experience

All love for the fur babies

All love for the fur babies I grew up with dogs and cats and have been fortunate to take care and know the love of a myriad of animals. My most fulfilling job was working at a doggy daycare where I helped take care of all kinds of dogs as well as bathe them and help manage their medications. I'm currently working part time and will have plenty of time to take care of your pets. My work schedule is flexible so I can accommodate nearly all scheduling needs. I have open availability for boarding and dog walking. Happy to provide your fur-babies with play, rest time and training reinforcement. Can easily accommodate crating needs and medication management. I'm full of love for fur babies at all stages of development.


15 years of experience

Friend of dogs

Friend of dogs When I was born, a german shepherd raised me (along with my parents). In high school my family had a golden retriever. As an adult I raised a border collie/german shepherd from a puppy. I moved in with my girlfriend and her brittany spaniel who passed away last summer after a wonderful 15years of life. Dogs see me on the street and want to say hi, and I want to say hi to them too! We don't currently own a dog, but having dog friends in our life is important. I work a flexible schedule that is often home based. I have midweek and weekend availability for walking, sitting, overnights. If you are seeking a regular routine that may be something I can help you with. We have a house with a fenced yard. We do not have a crate available but can make use of one it you decide to provide it.


2 years of experience

Dogs and Cats won't leave my side.

Dogs and Cats won't leave my side. I've taken care of pets since little. I've taken care of our friends dog when gone for Military Service. I have 2 cats of our own. Always love being around dogs or cats and never get tired of their cuteness. Their always attracted by me for some reason. I know how to bathe them, feed and play with them. They sure are always fun to be with. I'm currently working full-time but got nothing to ...


4 years of experience

Let's go for a walk and hangout!

Let's go for a walk and hangout! We'd love to get to know your pets and treat them to days out! We've cared for senior dogs and have great patience for all different personalities. I'm currently starting my small business serving tea at Saturday markets. I use Friday's for prepping as well. My partner and I are available Sundays through Thursdays! Send over your schedule! We have two cats,one with cerebral hypoplasia we have dedicated a room comfortable and safe for him ...

In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in Vancouver for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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