When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Seattle comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Seattle, WA, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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2 years of experience
Rating: 5

Reliable, flexible, communicative!

I used to share a Rover account with my girlfriend, and so I have a ton of experience taking care of cats, dogs, lizards, fish, and bunnies! I love making a living working with animals, and I'll even spend extra time with them free of charge when my schedule allows it. Your pets will love me!I always try to be as flexible as possible with last minute changes, and am extremely reliable. I keep my phone handy at all times, and have a special notification sound just for Rover so I never miss a message. I also take tons of pictures for you to enjoy!Last but not least, I'm careful to follow any special instructions you might have! I'm available anytime between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. I always do my absolute best to arrive as close to your preferred time as possible! I am careful to follow any instructions you have regarding food, medicine, walks, cuddles, and anything else your pet requires! I also provide detailed updates with pictures on every visit.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

Adventurous, attentive, & queer =]

Hi, I'm Ocean (they/them)! Since I was a kid, I've helped care for all sorts of pets - rabbits, cats, hamsters, iguanas, dogs, snakes, rats, birds, ferrets - the list goes on. Growing up I was my neighborhood's go-to petsitter, always eager to take over care responsibilities for neighbors who were out of town. While I do not currently provide services in my own home, I come to any pet-care or petsitting opportunity with years of experience and a treasured love of animals. With my current schedule I have a lot of availability, spanning just about any day of week or time of day. Feel free to send me a message to confirm my availability beforehand! When caring for a pet in their own home, I like to get familiar with their routine and their favorite toys, treats, activities, and lounge spots. I also like to prioritize time outside, regardless of the season.
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18 years of experience
Rating: 5

Big personality, big heart for pets

Hello! I'm Devon (THEY/THEM PRONOUNS) and I'm an all around animal enthusiast who's made a point of making friends with other people's pets for over 15 years. I started dog walking in New York City in my teens and did everything from frequent local drop-ins with elderly dogs to overnights with young pups full of energy. I've been in Seattle for 7 years now and have had my own rambunctious scamp of a cat Babka for 4 years. I don't drive but otherwise I'm down for it all, from the low key at home cuddle sesh to long afternoons at the park. I'm not shy at all about getting down to pet level for a good play and I have experience with everything from 5 pound chihuahuas to 100 pound mastiffs. And I'm always on board to grab those snapshots of your pet's antics, whether you want it for the Instagram tag or just because you miss your little one's face while you're away. I work evenings part time at a brewery (dog friendly even!) and have a few repeat regulars, so my schedule has a good deal of flexibility overall but does vary from week to week. I always have the most slots open in the morning & afternoon. I'm happy to work off of whatever systems you have in place for your pets! Whether that's monitoring behaviors & social interactions on walks or at dog parks, crating & reinforcing training at home, or supervised free play in your yard.
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15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Pet Lover Looking for a Walk Buddy

I am the proud parent of a 10-year-old Pomeranian. When she was a puppy our favorite activity was to talk long walks around the city, visit local parks and climb as many flights of stairs as we could. As she has gotten a little older our walks have gotten shorter and I am now in search of some new walking buddies! I have grown up with dogs and I am always excited to meet new doggie friends. I fostered kittens growing up and I forgot how much I LOVE cats, I know this service is more dog-focused but I do love all pets big and small! I have experience pet/house sitting, dog walking, elder dog care, and administering pet medication. I currently work semi-remote and I sometimes to go into the office from 9-5 Tuesday-Thursday but it's pretty flexible with enough heads up. But I am typically available before 8 AM or after 5 PM on those days. The rest of my week is a mix of Rover clients and working from home. As a semi-overprotective pet parent safety and trust are two non-negotiable when it comes to fur babies. My dog is on a leash/or in her backpack at all times and full report check-ins post visits are available. I also prefer to have a dog meet and greets before we book any long-term care to ensure our pups get along.
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7 years of experience
Rating: 5

Good with Timid pets! Enjoys Play

Got to grow up taking care of puppies and dogs of all sizes with feeding, potty training, looking out for signs of abnormalities, and working on boundaries. Would house sit for friends, taking care of their doggies and kitties. Currently taking care of my own furball since the beginning of this year. If you're looking for someone to check on, play with, and walk your furry friend while you're at your 9-5, you got your guy! I work night shift and am available most mornings and afternoons. If I'm night sitting, it must fall on a Sun or Mon. Spending time with friends and acquaintances dogs usually involves a lot of snuggling with the elders and tuckering out the young ones. My current pet cat is from the shelter and was extremely timid when I first got him. After a month, he's been on me like velcro! I'm good with giving cats time to trust me, and another buddy they can look forward to seeing and playing with.
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5 years of experience
Rating: 5

Offering care for your Fur-Babies!!

I've been caring for dogs all my life - I have a large Border Collie of my own that is my entire life. Giving him a fulfilled and happy life brings me the most joy and I know other pet owners can relate. I've spent over 2 years working closely with a dog trainer that has taught me how to form trusting relationships with animals and their owners, helped me understand the science and psychology behind dog behaviors, and enabled me with the tools I need to care for and train animals. I understand the importance of exercising your dog regularly and mentally stimulating them with training or games. If your dog is not properly trained at leash walking I make it a goal to help them on each walk I take them on. For drop-in visits, I will play with your fur baby and work on teaching them new commands or work on correcting any behavioral concerns upon request (at no extra charge). I have a very flexible work-from-home schedule, so I'm available almost any day for dog walks or drop-in visits. My calendar stays updated regularly for your convenience, but if your plans change or you need to cancel unexpectedly I am usually readily available for you to reschedule. I do not currently offer in-home pet boarding, only dog walks, and drop-in visits. I will ensure all your needs and your pet's needs are met on their walks or during my visits. I will also make any effort necessary to accommodate to any special requests you may have.
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5 years of experience
Rating: 5

WFH designer & cat mom of 2

I've been a cat mom my entire life and currently have two fur babies who are the love of my life. I have experience giving medication and cleaning up after any accidents. I work from home currently so I am happy to drop in during my lunch break, before or after work and have lots of flexibility on weekends. I am detail oriented and great at following instructions. I'm confident in my ability to care for your cat(s) and look forward to meeting them!
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10 years of experience
Rating: 4

I miss my dogs let me love yours!!!

Pet care has always been my thing. Walking, feeding, grooming, and best of all petting and loving dogs and cats are what I'm good at. I am a college student and have most of the day and weekends free to spend time with your animals when they need some extra love. I am a patient, gentle, and energetic caregiver for your babies! I am down for anything from long walks to hours of fetch to snuggle time.
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5 years of experience

consistent, loving attention

I love all dogs, from high-energy heelers who can chase the ball for hours to little ones who just want to curl up on your shoulder. I have two chihuahua-terrier mixes of my own and am excellent at understanding dogs' boundaries and staying firm with commands. My work is flexible and my own dogs are on a consistent schedule. I am generally available for mid-day and evening care, some overnights possible. I have designated areas where pets can play. There is no fenced yard here so all walks are leashed. I am available to take dogs on park adventures as well!
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17 years of experience

cat dad and dog lover

I have taken care of family pets my whole life. I have two cats of my own and have grown up with all sorts of animals. I am a reliable pet sitter and look forward to meeting your pet! I currently work 9am - 6pm M-F but am available for walkies or drop-ins after 6pm on weekdays. I am available anytime for services Saturday/Sunday. I make sure there are plenty of toys for them to play with. My cats have a lot of energy and I have to make sure they get ample exercise in my apartment. A healthy amount of treats should be on hand as well.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

A warm heart for cold noses.

Hi there! My name is Kyra and I really enjoy hanging out with animals :) I have a particular love for dogs but also adore cats. I have had pets my entire life but I have had a dog as an adult for almost 10 years. I have experience caring for senior dogs, disability, leash aggression and separation anxiety both from my own dog and caring for friends dogs. I can care for any special need, breed or size. I am happy to walk with any buddy :) I have a very open schedule! I take my own dog on a few walks a day but can work with whatever works for you! I am happy to do one time walks but am interested in gaining a client who needs 1-3 dogs walked 3-4 times a week to establish a more long term relationship. The well-being and safety of your dog is my number one priority during walks. I can adjust walks based off of you and your dogs needs.
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12 years of experience

Dogs are the best company to have

I grew up with a dog and since moving out I really miss taking care of her. I love dogs and since I'm not in a place where I can adopt my own right now, I would love to take care of your pups! I work a hybrid schedule so I'm working from home for part of the week. Other than my job, I don't have much else going on at the moment. I spend most weekends at home exploring the local area and going on a lot of walks around my neighborhood. My building has a fenced outdoor garden area for dogs to use. I live in an apartment with no other pets. When I miss my family dog I bring her to my place for a few days and she loves it!
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Rating: 5

Your dog's new bff

I have taken care of small dogs for my family and friends. They have relied on me to walk, feed, and take care their dogs while they are busy. I am currently working part-time while taking a few courses. My schedule is overall flexible, so I'll have plenty of time to play with your pups! I'm available on four days of the week (Mon/Tues/Thur/Sat). I will ensure that your pets feel safe and comfortable with me along with keeping your space clean and exactly in the same condition than how I arrived in it.
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2 years of experience

Your pups new best friend

Your pups new best friend: Experienced and reliable dog walker at your service! I have experience taking care of lot of dogs and I am reliable at my service. As a dog walker, per care is essential part of my daily routine. I typically spend a few hours each day walking and caring for my clients dogs. This includes making sure that the dog is properly hydrated, fed (if needed) and have access to safe ...
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3 years of experience

Let me get your dogs, paws moving

I am very friendly with Dogs and in multiple cases dog will approach me to be petted because of my friendly personality I believe. I would like to know their stories from their owners and how they met them etc. As a dog walker, pet care is an essential part of my daily routine. I typically spend a few hours each day walking and caring for my clients' dogs. This includes making sure that the ...
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3 years of experience

I'll crochet your furbaby clothes<3

I've taken care of dogs and all different kinds of pets since I was 9 years old ! I used to be a sitter for my whole neighborhood when I was 10 years old. I've always been trusted with anyone fur babies and I wouldn't let you down (: ! I'm currently working 30-35 hours a week at a dog daycare and will watch or walk your pet anytime I'm not at work taking care of other pups! I have an apartment but, I live close to cal Anderson park and I walk everywhere to begin with so them being taken care of won't be a concern.
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5 years of experience

Student and dog mom, here to help!

I have experience with big dogs, small dogs and cats! I have owned all of the above, and have dog sat for friends and neighbors up to 4 dogs at a time. I have Thursdays, and weekends off. I am also available after 5 pm on week days to stop by for a quick play session or walk break. I also use a leash when walking pets, or any time the pet is outside your ...
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10 years of experience

Friendly, reliable and local.

Hi there neighbors! I'm Dana :) I am a pet owner myself & located in the Cap Hill area. I look forward to meeting the little furry members of your family. I am remote about half the week which will allow me to do check-ins, trips to the park and walks or runs in the neighborhood. I am very reliable and will take the safety of your animal very seriously when taking them on walks ...
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3 years of experience

DT Seattle based walker/sitter

I'm a dog mom myself and consider them to be our best friends! I love taking our furry friends for long walks by the waterfront and dog parks. I am currently working from home and have a pretty flexible schedule. This gives me plenty of time to take care of your pups during weekdays 9am-6pm! I live in a high rise apartment in Brickell and take my dog for walks by the waterfront! We also go to Brickell key park to meet other furry friends :)
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In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in Seattle for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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