When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in San Diego comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in San Diego, CA, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

Experienced dog, cat/non-dog care

New to Rover? Get $20 off with this promo code: TINAL73198 . Specifically serving Mission Hills, Little Italy, Altadena, Bankers Hill, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, Hillcrest (I live off 10th/University). Clients outside of 5 mile radius of this subject to travel surcharges due to fuel costs increasing to keep prices fair and competitive. Why hire me?1. You need someone trustworthy, perhaps at the last minute, who can follow clear instructions.2. You need someone experienced with non-dog petcare who is at ease with many kinds of animals. I even water plants.3. I am discreet and professional. 4. I give before and after photos for drop-ins so you see what state I found your home and how I left it.5. I can handle unexpected situations. 6. I know how to give Sub Q fluids, diabetic (insulin) medication, and get pets to swallow medication via syringe or pill form.7. I do not charge extra for bringing in mail/packages, watering plants, basic grooming (brushing, bathing as needed, nail clipping), medication application, and/or clean up after pet messes. I accept clients on case by case basis. Weekend: Flexible scheduling +$10 convenience fee AFTER 8PM BOOKINGS: Only available with $15 surcharge, I don't like being out late and will usually field requests like this if it is an emergency, and never from a first time client without a prior (minimum 24 hours) meet and greet set during daylight hours. Thank you for honoring my safety. _METHODOLOGY_I apply holistic principles to my "dog minding". My perspective is that dogs are people too, and each dog is different, so they will need tailor made playtimes and walks to suit them. The priorities lie in stimulation and channeling destructive or overenergetic behaviors into healthy situations and environments. At this time I am not offering boarding services. As a sitter, I usually apply the 'pack it in, pack it out' methodology: I am a temporary influence in the pet's life and home, so I bring my own food, toiletries, etc and usually keep the home to the state I found it in. I document my visit for accuracy and write notes on pet behavior, funny moments, etc. I am a big cuddler and couch loaf, and at the same time I can go for a 30min to 1hour walk, if that is what your pet needs. I tailor my services to what the client and pet need. My priority is to keep both happy and relaxed, by keeping the latter exhausted and satisfied. (Spoiled!) I like taking advantage of a client's environment, whatever pet toys there are, and do my best to keep them calm and tired out at the same time. Either walks, or catching thrown toys, or visits to the local dog park. Boutique petcare is my full time work. I usually operate by a schedule which is updated and posted on my profile. I try to make myself as available as possible, within reason to everyone including myself. I do not board animals in my home at this time due to the small space and lack of yard, and having three personal animals, which would not be an ideal for for many.
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26 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog Lover with Dog Parks Nearby

I'm available in downtown San Diego and I work and live in the same building. I have wanted to add a pup to my home yet the expense is a bit much for me at the moment. I live in a clean studio with hardwood floors and there are numerous parks nearby. I watch my friend's yellow labs several times a month when she travels. The extra income along with the friendships with the dogs is why I'm interested. I will take your pets potty several times throughout the day and care for them solely based on your instruction. Due to apartment living please be mindful that your pet is okay to be left alone for periods of time in regards to separation anxiety and barking. If your pup is fine at home alone during the workday, awesome! Meet my petsThere are few pets in the building and most are all under 40 lbs.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

I'm a sweet and caring person

Hello Rover, I have cared for a bichon growing up, his name was Louis. He was fun , loving and a sweet dog. He enjoyed meeting new dogs and people. I would enjoy taking him on walks and playing catch with him. He lived a long and full life. He passed away when he was Thirteen years old. My family was sadden of the loss and after sometime we all decided to add another member to the family. We got another bichon . His name is Charlie . He is such a sweet dog . He enjoys going on walks and playing catch and going to the local dog park. He also enjoys meeting new people and spending time with other dogs. I am looking forward becoming friends with your furry friend.
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5 years of experience
Rating: 5

I am pawsitively the best!

I've cared for dogs and cats for over five years. Before then, friends and neighbors relied on me to watch their dogs and cats while out of town. ** I am reliable, fun, fit, and available as required. I can take care of animal feeding, administering medication, and facilitating exercise, while providing love and affection. ** I keep you updated on when I arrive, during, and when I leave when caring for your loved one through texts and pictures. **I am available to work part-time on the weekdays, and I'm available full-time on weekends! I also have a vehicle and help when you are out of town or in town. I am happy to care for your loved ones in your home where they feel the most comfortable. I'm firm & consistent with the rules you placed for your loved one. I am also experienced with pets that have separation anxiety. I have a calm & patient demeanor, so they aren't anxious.
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10 years of experience
Rating: 5

Your pet's new best friend

I've always been around dogs growing up & I moved away and would love to have that puppy love in my life again. I have two cats who are my entire world and you'll never catch me not talking about them. I would love to care for your pets as my own and give them all the nose boops and care in the world. My dog at my parents' home has taught me a lot about dog behavior and how quickly they catch on to those words like “treat” or “ride”. I assure you they will be in the best hands with me. I do this as my main gig so my schedule is pretty open. I'm filling up quick though so I may only have morning and late afternoons available! I give your animals lots of playtime whether that be on fun walks or drop in visits in your home. My favorite part is giving them all the big pets when we're finished.
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10 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog lover in Golden Hill!

I've been around dogs for most of my life. I've either owned my own pups or been an uncle to family and friends' dogs. I have experience with a variety of dog personalities and am open to going on active adventures with your furry friend or just chilling at home. I have a strong ability to relate and communicate with dogs, and I look forward to meeting yours!! I am currently taking a sabbatical from the 9-5 lifestyle and available to walk or watch your dog most days and times. This includes early mornings, late evenings, and throughout the day. I am open to what your pup specifically needs. Just like us humans, there is no one size fits all approach to caring for dogs. I am open to both going to your home or having your dog come to mine. At my home, we have a spacious inside living space and a fenced in back yard for Fido to roam around.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

The Loving Dog Mom of Little Italy

Decades of experience caring for small and medium sized dogs (and cats). I grew up with a sweet golden retriever and during the pandemic adopted my soul dog, a senior Italian greyhound chihuahua mix with special needs (who crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2022). Not quite ready to be a full time dog mom again, but because I've got so much love to give I quickly became "Little Italy's Dog Mom" caring for the pets of my neighbors and friends. I'm very attentive. Will gladly follow special feeding or care requirements for pets who are a little more particular than others. If needed, I'm happy to integrate housesitting tasks for longer trips. Will send photo and video updates and keep you informed on how your sweet pup is doing during our time together. Responsible. Excellent communicator. Stellar references. I'll work with you to make sure you feel comfortable, including a meet-and-greet prior to service and a thorough review of your pet's specific needs for care. As a bonus, I've done a little professional photography and will most likely send you adorable photos of your pet(s). I have a flexible schedule and work part time anywhere I can bring my laptop, so I have plenty of time and attention to give to your pet. I do not currently have a pet of my own, so all of my pet love goes directly to your furry friend(s). I typically work with just one client at a time, so my attention and focus is spent on your pet(s).
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Jenna & Ethan

7 years of experience
Rating: 5

Caring and playful dog lovers!

I've had 8 pets total, dogs and cats included. I have experiencing training, walking, bathing, feeding, and of course petting and cuddling all of my pets! My husband and I have also dog sat for friends on multiple occasions, for entire weekends at a time. I am currently on a hybrid work schedule, and my husband is fully remote. Our flexible schedules allow us to be available on weekdays or weekends anytime! We will give pets whatever they need! Whether it's feeding, walking, bathing, crating, cuddling, etc. We do not currently have any other pets in our apartment, so your pet will get our fullest attention! :)
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1 year of experience
Rating: 5

One at a time Dog or Cat

Taking care of friend's and neighbor's dogs has been part of my weekly routine for about 2 years since I moved to San Diego from Costa Rica. My love for dogs encouraged me to volunteer walking them and eventually open my home to house sit then as well. I truly enjoy the company of the little ones. Also lived with a cat for over 3 years and have experience being around the furry ones my whole life. I currently have a lot of free time. I'm also very active. Walking is part of my everyday life. Flexible and proactive. Animals make my days happier so any chance to be around a dog specially after noon is perfect for me. I live in an apartment building close to Petco Park. Very safe and secure. I believe taking care of one dog at a time is better. Will do my best at making your loved one feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
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12 years of experience
Rating: 5

Pet lover

I have been around dogs all my life and have always lived with them. I will give your baby my undivided attention as they are my priority and in my care. I have experience with senior dogs, I am an owner of one myself. I do not own any cats, which is my main reason for providing services for cats aswell. I love meeting cats, and I do have the patience for the ones that take more time to get acquainted :) I work from home on weekdays & am off durning the weekends. My schedule is flexible, I can do mid-day and evening walks, and morning walks on weekends. I can do drop-ins as needed also. I do not offer services at my home, however Its no problem for me to go to yours. I love dogs and have dog parks near by that I can take them to. I can do drop-ins for cats aswell!
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5 years of experience

Lifetime dog lover

Hi I'm Hannah! I've lived with and loved dogs my entire life, I've actively watched dogs for 4 years, and I now own my own dog — Walter! He's a very friendly and well trained Corgi. I have a pet of my own and I work from home, so I can watch dogs during the day while I work and at night. Can take them on a few walks a day. We have a partially fenced yard, and Walter (my own dog) is a well trained, friendly, and playful pup. I'm familiar with distributing medicine, going on long walks, and unique feeding habits and schedules.
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8 years of experience

Passionate and caring dog/cat lover

I have dog and cat sat for over 8 years and have had ample experience with kittens and puppies to seniors and everything in between. I am currently working from home and have a very flexible schedule to fit in care for pets during the week and sometimes weekends if needed. I love walking, I know of great dog parks in the local area, and am attentive and will maintain your walking/training needs to remain consistent with your pets. I am very patient and vigilant when it comes to caring for pets. When I am around your pet will be watched intently the entire time to ensure safety and good care.
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25 years of experience
Rating: 5

Devoted Downtown Fur Mom

Located @ 6th and Broadway. Lifetime fur mom and animal fanatic. Pet-sitting since 1998... I've never met an animal I dislike! I'll care for your pets as though they're my own. I work from home, so I need excuses to get out and walk! I've got two cats (Mona and Lisa), three dart frogs, one tarantula, and aquariums full of freshwater fish. I love excuses to care for more animals. I've cared for dogs of all ages and sizes and cats of all temperaments. I've got a special place in my heart for animals with anxiety.
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15 years of experience

Lover of pups of all kind!

I'm a lover of dogs and have helped care for friends' and family's best friends throughout my life. I'm a reliable dog walker, catch partner and caregiver. I work remote with a flexible schedule. I'm always looking to get out for a walk and would love to care for your pup in the process! I will care for and play with your pup as if they were my own. I'll make sure to get our energy out while we explore your neighborhood and ensure we're comfortable before heading out.
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10 years of experience

here to help u and ur furry friends

i have experience with my 4 dogs at home, i house sit for my neighbor and also my grandmother. Going on walks and having a fun time I am currently available from 8am-7pm all day everyday for dog walks, pop ins and sit. Whenever needed im a call away to help you As of now I have no pets in my apartment but am willing to watch over them during the time they are here if needed or as well as your own home
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15 years of experience

Animals are the loves of my life

For the past 15 years I have not not taken care of cats and dogs; from my own to just about everyone else's:)! From pregnant females and newborn puppies to older dogs I work remotely and completely independently so I am able to adjust to your pet's schedule and routine as needed. There will be plenty of time dedicated to play, walks and dog parks (if desired) I live with my dog - a beautiful black lab mix - who is super chill and has not met a dog or cat he does not like! Safety comes first and my goal is to gain a pet's and their owner's trust to make sure they are 100% comfortable leaving their pet(s) with me
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18 years of experience

trustworthy dog owner here to help!

I have owned three standard poodles and one miniature poodle. I have always loved animals and have even taken care of my own goats! Many of my friends and family members have me take care of their pets while they're out of town and I treat them like family. I currently am available Friday afternoons/evenings and full days Saturday and Sundays! I can be available other week days after 5pm if I am contacted ahead ...
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20 years of experience

Your dog's new best friend

I've had dogs my entire life and grew up volunteering at our local shelter's pet adoption days almost every Saturday. I'm such a sucker for those puppy eyes! I love getting to watch my roommate's and friends dogs whenever they go out of town. I work for myself and mainly from home so my schedule is very flexible. I have the freedom to go on as many walks as needed throughout the day for your pup to do their business and get some exercise. My roommate has a cute little 3 year dachshund terrier mix that loves new friends. We take him to the dog park down the street almost everyday and would love to have your fur baby come along!
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22 years of experience

In it for the Tail Wags!

Dogs are an integral part of the family! Growing up, we always had at least 3 dogs. Dogs are family not animals to me. I have always taken care of my family pets as well as neighbors dogs. As a teenager, I would take care of my neighbors pitbull and cocker spaniel by feeding them and playing with them when the neighbors were at work or on vacation. I know have 2 dogs, an 10 year old husky and a 6 year old chihuahua mix. They are still very youthful and cared for greatly. They definitely do not act there age. I love taking care of dogs and making their lives as special as they make mine. I am a full time dog mom! I am going to school, but I have the luxury of being attending from home which leaves me plenty of time for loving on the puppers. I have 2 dogs that are very friendly. If needed, I can crate you furry family member. My husky has food allergies so I have experience making sure the fur baby doesn't get into anything that would make their stomachs unhappy. I am super vigilant during walks and sun bathing since both of my dogs are severely allergic to bees. If you board your pet with me, they will be treated just like family. Your furry family member will become one of our family members while they are here. Any dietary restrictions or house rules you wish to disclose will be followed exactly!
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In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in San Diego for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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