When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Philadelphia comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Philadelphia, PA, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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Brigitte & Alicia & Andrew

17 years of experience
Rating: 5

We Have Raised 17 Dogs of Our Own!

Growing up with 15 dogs of various breeds (Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Rottweiler, Labrador), currently raising 2 dogs (Beagle, Pitbull), and being petsitters for over 300 clients, we truly understand the care your furry babies need while you are being away. We have plenty of experience handling dogs of various behaviors, such as trained, selective, house-broken, highly-energetic, or special-care dogs, even pandemic babies. We have cared for dogs of all ages from newborn and puppies, to adults and seniors. We continually tailor our service based on your and your doggos' needs, taking into account their breeds, ages, preferences, and personalities. Our past clients have often praised our speedy replies and thorough reports. This is simply because we ADORE spending time with your furry babies and being acquainted with their lovable quirks! Looking forward to working with you!! (Our instagram: @airpupone) Our Unavailable Hours: 7pm-7am, Monday- Sunday. Our Current Walking Hours: 10am-2:30pm, Monday- Saturday. We are open to discuss service hours beforehand so please don't hesitate to ask! WALKING FEE for Bad Weather (ie. rain, snow, etc.): $5 upcharge for 30min walk, or no upcharge for 20min instead. BOARDING FEE for Same Day Booking: $10. Please ask for more details.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

Cared for animals my whole life

I've owned animals all of my life and love taking care of them so you can count on me to take care of yours as well. I work remote so I am free pretty much whenever I see a fit; so feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to watch your animals. I am personally very lenient and allow as much freedom as possible for my dogs; but whatever you ask me to do I will happily do.
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16 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog-lover serving Center City

Hi! My name is Tarik and I live in Center City with my partner and our beautiful black cat. I have spent most of my life living with and caring for a variety of dogs, from tiny Chi's, senior Dachshunds, rambunctious Great Danes, and newborn Lab pups. When I was young I took classes where I learned how to properly walk dogs, including use of various harnesses, correct leashing techniques, and how to work with dogs who tend to pull or who are less cooperative. I am a total hands-on affection giver with animals. Hugs, kisses, and furniture sharing are all fine and good by me. I grew up with two doxies and played an active role in their care until leaving home. I can't wait to get to know your furry companions! Please note I only serve the Center City area, river-to-river between Race and Washington. Please do not request my services if you are outside of this range. I am currently a student at Temple, and I am available on weekends and evenings. My schedule is sometimes flexible so don't hesitate to reach out! That being said, I do ask for several hours' notice, and a day in advance is ideal. I am an expert at providing love, attention, and play with dogs. I'm quite a tree of a person so I'm able to keep big dogs in tow on walks.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

Lots of Love & Experience

I've been caring for pets my whole life and I am so grateful to have made it my profession for the past 8 years! Your pet's safety and happiness is my #1 priority. I'm dog and cat CPR/first aid certified, and I have experience training, bathing, and administering medication. I always take the time to truly get to know you, your home, and your pet(s) so that I can individualize my care to successfully meet your needs. Bonding with animals is my greatest passion, and this is so much more than just a job to me. I've had pets of my own (cats, dogs, fish, tadpoles/frogs, and mice) for 20 years. In 2014, I began walking dogs professionally and overnight petsitting. I worked for Dog Walking DC and Wag before recently joining Rover. While in DC, I worked at a doggy daycare, Atlas Doghouse, where I looked after 30-60 dogs at a time. Beyond dogs and cats, I have experience petsitting birds, fish, rabbits, rodents, and reptiles. I've cared for a number of animals with behavioral challenges (reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, destructiveness, low or excessive appetite, excessive vocalization, etc.) and I know how to compassionately communicate with them to keep everyone safe. I would love to connect with your furry friend(s), too! I care for pets full-time, so I'm available for walks, drop-ins, and overnights on both weekdays and weekends. When I'm sitting, I will likely need to leave during the day to walk dogs. I'll only be gone for a couple hours at a time and I'll coordinate those walks around your pet's schedule so that I don't disrupt their usual routine. When I'm pet sitting, I always keep your pet(s) in eyesight and send photo/video updates to let you know how things are going. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to spend time away from your pets, and I'll do everything I can to give you peace of mind. On every dog walk, I stay alert and keep my phone in my pocket unless I'm taking a photo for you. I'm constantly watching your dog for signs of anxiety and keeping an eye ahead of us in case there's food on the ground, broken glass, or something your dog is reactive to. By paying close attention to these details, I'm able to make sure your pet enjoys their time with me and returns safe and sound! If your dog is a strong leash puller or has a history of lunging, I'll wear my leather pack-walk belt with heavy-duty D-rings and locking, steel carabiners securing a high-quality leash that hasn't broken under the brawniest dogs I've walked. In addition to holding your dog's usual leash in my hand, I keep my leash securely attached to my belt as a secondary, hands-free point of contact. I do this to be certain that your dog won't be able to run away and to distribute the weight of any pulling between the leashes so that the intensity of the pull isn't all going to my shoulder. This allows me to stay balanced on my feet even with large, athletic dogs. I have other strategies to mitigate pulling like distraction, redirection, or avoidance of triggers (depending on the situation and your preferred approach—I always do my best to honor the training approach the family uses). But if there's ever a situation where a trigger truly comes out of nowhere and your dog lunges, they won't get away.
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7 years of experience
Rating: 5

Patient enough for any pup

Growing up, I was an only child, but I was proud to call the family dog my brother! He was always patient and caring with me as I grew, and in turn, I learned to treat dogs and other animals with similar affection and respect. I take pet care very seriously no matter what the species (as my mom found out when she visited me to find my inches-long fish in a 20-gallon tank, so they'd have room to grow) and I want to help you give your pets the enrichment and activity they deserve. I decided to become a pet care provider because I love developing relationships with pets and their people. I know it can be hard to leave a pet behind (whether it's for a workday or for a week of vacation) and it's important to me to make sure that both you and your pets can have a great time when you're apart. My daily schedule is currently very flexible, and I would be thrilled to fill my days getting to know you and your furry family members! I'm comfortable with dogs and cats of most sizes and activity levels, from couch potato kitties to fetch fanatics. I've spent hours sitting on the floor and playing music for a shy and anxious Shiba Inu, and I've spent hours running around outside with a year-old German Shepherd. Of course, like people, all pets are different, and it's my job (and privilege!) to understand, respect, and fulfill each one's personality, preferences, and care needs.
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9 years of experience
Rating: 5

Very passionate about pets :)

Been taking care of my family and friends animals for the past 9 years. I am their go to for a pet sitter. Very reliable and almost always available last minute! I have three of my own pets that I love and care for every day. I know the anxiety of leaving your pets with someone. I will do everything to ease that for you! I will be treating your pets the same way I'd want mine to be treated! I am always on guard making sure the dogs do not get into anything :) I work 4 days a week. However my schedule differs from most. I work mostly weekends and Thursday nights. So I am available all day and night throughout the week to take care of your pets! M-F day time walks and drop ins are perfect for me! When I am watching your pet they have 100% of my attention. If your dog comes to me, I have a fenced in yard with one friendly puppy. I have two cats that are indifferent to dogs and love cats. They would mostly stay on another floor. I can crate your dog if needed. Walk any time of day throughout the week. At your place, I can drop in any time throughout the week. I also can stay over throughout the week! Give me a description of your dogs typical day and I will make sure to follow it!
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1 year of experience
Rating: 5

Ready to play with your Pup!

I've been around dogs my whole life! I love to take walks and being outside and having a furry friend next to me makes them 10x better! I currently have a full time job but would love to make time before or after to play with your pup! There is always time for puppy plays! I have a fenced in yard, it's a little small but it's enough space to play fetch or use the bathroom! I also have many parks and fields nearby
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10 years of experience
Rating: 5

Love all dogs + have flexible sched

I am a 3rd year law school student looking to make a little extra cash on the side.I live in Fitler Square, just 1 block from the huge dog park next to the schuykill river trail. I genuinely love dogs (of all breeds/sizes/age) and have experience taking care of my own dog growing up, as well as others' dogs. As I mentioned, I'm a student. The current semester is coming to an end, so all of December and into the beginning of January, I'll have a lot of free time during the week. I have a lot of hours open and am willing to be flexible with other's schedules I love dogs. I can do everything from following feeding schedules, medicine, long/short walks, dog parks, or even just hanging around with the dog in my/your home. I'm willing to spend time in your home with the dog, and will be responsible for not just your dog and whatever it needs, but your house.
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Erynn & Joshua

10 years of experience
Rating: 5

Pet Home Open for Sleepovers!

We have always grown up with pets in the family and most recently adopted a Lab Retriever. We have been responsible for training, walks, play time, feedings and baths. We both work mostly from home. Any changes to our schedule is posted in our calendar/availability before hand or will be communicated to you prior to booking. We are also available for meet and greets prior to any bookings! We live in a very safe and secured apartment in center city within walking distance to various parks for play time and potty breaks. Your pet will always have the company of my very playful 2 1/2 year old Lab! She loves making new friends and sharing her space. We go for multiple walks a day and have toys galore. Separate rooms and crate space are available should time apart ever be needed. Joshua does have professional dog training experience should your pet need any continued training while in our care!
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Nicholas & Stephanie

25 years of experience

A nurse with a love for animals

My family and I have had just about every animal that you can think of, so they have always been a huge part of my life. I've also pet sat for neighbors and friends for 10+ years. Anything from dog walking, bathing, feeding, administering insulin injection, and more. I am also a Registered Nurse in a Surgical Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, so I have a deep understanding of physiology, in general. My full time job allows me to take the most safe care of humans at work and pets outside of work. As mentioned, I am a nurse, so I am completely free at least four days per week. I am looking to fill in some of my free time with a furry companion. I recently lost my beloved Karma (my Siamese cat) in December. I miss having my little best friend. With my fiance being a nurse as well, there is almost always someone home. Ultimately, my entire life has always had a pet in it. It is my nature to fit your pet into my schedule. I live in an extremely pet friendly apartment with a dog park and infinite places to walk a dog nearby. I live in an apartment with my fiance who, as mentioned, is also a nurse. We currently don't have any pets and can be very accommodating to special requests. We are both animal lovers looking to eventually have a pet of our own, but enjoy the company of others' pets in the meantime.
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1 year of experience

Fun-Loving and Reliable Dog Walker

I've had a dog most of my childhood till i was 12. Now i been taking care of my brother's dog and i love it. I just moved to Philadelphia so I'm available most of the time. Weekdays specially between 9am-5pm and weekends if you book with time it can be arranged In my home i provide a safe and comfortable environment for pets to relax.In a client's home i make sure to follow their instructions and routines to ensure their pets are happy.
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2 years of experience

Animal lover & experienced foster

Animal lover looking to help out with dog walking/care for some local pups! I've recently fostered and trained 2 playful gals Amira and Tori, both Mastiff mixes over 100+ lbs. Experience with not confident dogs/highly anxious and transitioning them to average household environments. I've grown up with dogs and am not able to have one of my own right now so would love to spend some extra time around yours! Available around my work schedule during week days (MWTF) and as needed on weekends. I'm usually pretty flexible, please inquire for more info or questions! I have no yard or home pets. I'm happy to walk or care for your pet locally and get in their extra steps when you can't!
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4 years of experience

Animal lover & Vet Professional

**(Pricing is based on Rover rates. Please contact us for additional information)**Although being fairly new in dog care services, I can proudly share I have always received great feedback from previous owners/relatives. As a pet owner myself, I understand leaving your pet with a stranger can be nerve-racking. With that being said, I will provide the same attention, care, and love to your pet as I do for my own. Your pet and I will have relaxing walks, watch tv while having our meal and have some playtime. My goal is to ensure the pet owner can be at ease during the length of the service requested. My boyfriend also joins me for pet services. He is an Emergency/Neurology Nurse at a Specialty Veterinary Hospital (PASE). Being that he has been in this career for several years, my boyfriend has extensive experience in pet care services and he has kindly shared that knowledge with me. We are confident in our work and overall services provided to you and, ultimately, your fur baby. I am currently a full-time client service representative at a Veterinary Emergency hospital. At the moment, I have open availability from Sunday-Tuesday. Depending on your service request, I may be able to assist from Wednesday-Saturday. I do my own diligence to check your space multiple times throughout the dates requested. While in your space, I am cautious and constantly clean/pick up after myself. Anything harmful or edible is kept out of reach. I also like to share photos and videos with my clients of their pets while they are away. I feel this attention to care is greatly appreciated, reassures the pet's safety, and provides comfort. At my house, I have dog kennels on every floor for my dog. My cat is allowed to walk around the townhouse and has his own reserved space for necessities and sleep. My boyfriend and I prioritize having a pet-friendly home and try our hardest to keep the floor clear of anything that can be possibly ingested.
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7 years of experience

The best dog walker/sitter in town!

I have lots of experience with puppies and have trained an Australian Shepard. My specialties are long walks and playing fetch with dogs. I love all animals and have always either cared for my own or a friend/family member's pet! My current schedule is very flexible and I am almost always able to work around what's best for you. Mornings and evenings are always open. I am aware of each pets individual needs and I make sure to respect all pet care instructions that the owner has provided! Woof woof
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25 years of experience

Flexible schedule for all pets!

I've had animals my entire life, from cats, to dogs, fish, hermit crabs and more. I enjoy the companionship and love that pets provide and I'm ready make sure you fell certain of your pets care. I am currently working full time, yet have a very flexible schedule which allows me to make day time visits. I am available for overnights as needed. My cat Fay is fed twice a day and her litter box is cleaned daily, so I understand the commitment of high need pets and the important of routine.
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2 years of experience

Experienced dog lover

I have always loved dogs and have been working at a large pet facility for over a year. I have worked with taking care of dogs while they played in private or group settings. I have also worked with hundreds of different dogs so I have experience with all types of dogs. I also have worked with dogs with aggression issues and other difficult behaviors. I am currently a full-time student at Drexel University but have a lot of time outside of classes to walk your pets all around Philidelphia. I have a lot of experience with dogs around other dogs and people and have a lot of confidence that I will be able to walk your dogs safely around Philidelphia
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3 years of experience

Local animal lover here to help!

I've been around all types of dogs and had a cat growing up. I adopted my dog as a puppy I trained him, I feed him and walk him. My schedule is very open right now on most weekdays. I have lots of time to play with your pups or cats, walk them, and keep them entertained! I have a very friendly playful Shihtzu poodle mix he's a year old. Near my house we have a very nice park that I take my dog to everyday. I can bring dog toys as well!
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25 years of experience

Come hangout with me and Blue!<3

I love animals and have had dogs and cats and other animals my whole life! I have a dog named Blue who loves other dogs so much and I would be so happy for her to have friends to play with. You can take a breather and relax knowing I'm taking care of your baby for sure. I understand the stress of not knowing what to do when you have work or are going out of town but want to make sure your pet is taken care of. That's what I'm here for! I've been on the other side and know exactly what a loving owner wants for their pet when they are away. I hope your pet can come hangout with me and Blue! I am currently working part time and would have plenty of energy and time to take care of your pet accordingly and lovingly with plenty outside time. I care for my pet or pets I am taking care of with love. I respect the owners wishes with their training standard and rules.
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7 years of experience

Lover of long walks and cat naps

Having grown up surrounded by dogs of every size and breed, and cats of every temperament, animal care is something I am very passionate about. Our furry friends are our family, it's a big decision to entrust them to someone else! I tailor my services to each individual pet's needs to ensure they feel loved, supported and safe in my care while you have time to do you. I am currently a full time graduate ...
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