The Top Dog Walkers in Los Angeles, CA

The Top Dog Walkers in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Los Angeles comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Los Angeles, CA, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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1 year of experience
Rating: 5

Dog And Cat Sitting in the City

Dog And Cat Sitting in the City Hello! I'm Samantha. I am a Pomeranian puppy parent located in DTLA. I have experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. You can rest easy leaving your fur family in my care. I can socialize your dog not only with mine, but other dogs in group walks with other dog owners in my social network. I know how difficult it is to leave your dogs and can send photos and check ins for you to know they are in the best care. I'm currently dog sitting and walking full time so you can be sure your dog will have my full attention. I also only dog sit up to two dogs at a time (or 1 if requested) so your dog will get plenty of cuddles and love. Please let me know if you have any questions at all as I want to put all your fears and worries to ease. My husband, Charles also helps out with bookings and he can also book cats. Growing up with cats his whole life he's very fond of them and would love to have the opportunity to play and care for your furbabies New to rover? Message me for $20 off your first booking with me! I am available most days for dog walks, drop in visits and daycare. I am available over the weekend for house sitting services. However this is flexible so please still reach out if you require more days. I'm not currently taking any boarding requests unless your dog has been over for daycare. Usually bookings will be split between myself and Charles so that we can make sure to provide the most timely service. For cat services please message for better availability I charge a early drop of fee of $5 for any drop off before 7:30 and a late pick up fee of $5 for every hour after 6pm I live in a pet friendly condo that has a private dog park. I also have a 2 year old Pomeranian who's very friendly to keep your dog company. If your dog has separation anxiety I will adjust my schedule accordingly so that I am with your dog at all times. We do not currently board any cats. We are only offering housesitting and drop in visits for cats.


36 years of experience
Rating: 5

All my love, all my life, for dogs

All my love, all my life, for dogs I cannot remember a time in my life that didn't have a dog in it. When you choose to let me love and care for your dog, we learn how to trust each other, and we grow in ways both subtle and spectacular, from those life lessons only the good, good heart of a dog can show us. I am patient, kind, considerate, and ALWAYS falling in love with another dog. I've worked as a kennel attendant for Estrella Veterinary, as well as a shift lead at Petco, which gave me a solid foundation and confidence in most any situation that involves dogs. But don't just take my word for it, let me show you how much love I can give your dog while you're away. “Dogs are not my whole life, but they sure do make my life whole.” - Julia Pruitt I am fortunate enough to be able to perform my other work over the phone and computer, which frees me up to be flexible when it comes to meeting your pets needs. I have a 1 year old husky girl at home that I get to love on whenever I'm not sharing the love with your pets while you're away. I live in a studio apartment with my little big husky girl, so unfortunately we don't have much room to host your dog here, but when you book any overnight stays in your home with me, you can be assured that when you return, it will be in the same condition or maybe a little tidier than you left it, and there will be a happy and contented animal waiting for you.


8 years of experience
Rating: 5

Experienced dog walker & pet sitter

Experienced dog walker & pet sitter Hi! My name is Yuka and I am the lucky mom of 2 rescue cats, Bear and Penguin. I am a huge animal lover and have been since I was a kid. Most kids had imaginary friends when they were younger, my imaginary friends were all animals. I've cared for dogs of all sizes and ages including puppies as well as senior dogs. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your fur baby! I have a remote job as a small business owner so my schedule is very flexible as long as I have wifi. I'm available on most holidays. I have extensive experience dog walking and pet sitting and will keep a close eye on your pet and stick with their daily schedule. Each walk or visit will include daily detailed summaries and photos of our time together to give you peace of mind


5 years of experience
Rating: 5

Love for your pet like my own!

Love for your pet like my own! Located in Little Tokyo in DTLA, but not restricted to this area! I didn't have any pups when I was growing up, but I've been taking care of friend's pets as well as fostering a pup! My boyfriend's roommate had a little shih tzu and we took care of her like she was our own. He's moved away now and I miss/think about her everyday and it feels like a part of me is missing :') I went on to foster a pup afterwards and as hard as it was, she went to a loving home. With all that said, I'm familiar with taking the pups on walks, giving baths, as well as adhering to feeding schedules and administering oral medication. And of course, showing lots and lots of love! The overall well-being of your pet is extremely important to me, so you can count on me to give you that peace of mind while you're away. Your pet will be very loved and taken care of, so just let me know how I can help you out :) I work full time in Internal Audit, but my schedule is flexible! I'll have plenty of time to care for your animals, whether it's a long walk or some play time. I‘ll work with you and your schedule to walk or check in on your pets to make it easy on you. When visiting your home, I'll treat it as my own - I respect every friend/family's home and care for all animals as if they were my own. Leaving your pets with someone else is understandably difficult and I want to make sure I can do everything I can to earn your trust and keep your mind at ease. I'll send plenty of photo updates throughout our time together! I'll follow your wishes/rules and always keep watch, whether it's indoors or outdoors. (Would be cuddling with them so they'd never be out of my sight anyway!!) On walks, I let them lead me and allow them to safely do what they want, within reason of course. Communication is key and will always keep in touch with you while your pups in my hands!


17 years of experience
Rating: 5

DTLA walker and sitter- flexible!

DTLA walker and sitter- flexible! I'm working from home these days and happy to lend a hand with your pets! If you need a service you dont see, or want to clarify rates, just ask! I know the app can be tricky. I have a chill 10 year old beagle mix at home- but have experience working at a kennel and with behaviorists. Happy to text updates as much as you'd like. Visits or walks can be catered to your pets needs. I can easily follow any dietary restrictions as well. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to chat prior to your booking! I currently work from home with a very flexible schedule. Getting out of the house for walks and hanging with animals is a welcomed break! I always keep dogs on leash and avoid other animals out on walks. Happy to get mail, water plants, or other small tasks during drop in visits


2 years of experience

Woo woo!! Meow meow!!

Woo woo!! Meow meow!! While I don't have a pet myself I have had a couple of roommates that have had both dogs and cats. This has allowed me to still enjoy the perks of being a pet owner...and the not so fun side which includes letting them out to use the restroom and walking them early in the morning. I think pets are a joy and very therapeutic. I hope you select me to take care of your little family member. I'm currently working part time so I'll have plenty of time to take care of the beauties. I am available and reachable at anytime.. looking forward to meeting your pups I have a fenced yard I take care of them like u do my own pets. They will miss nothing and completely feel at home


10 years of experience

Guaranteed Pet Lover

Guaranteed Pet Lover I grew up in a house with cats and dogs. Have been caring for them for a long time. Still watch cats and dogs for family members. I'm currently unemployed so my availability is pretty open. Pretty free during the week. Also available sometimes on the weekends. Pretty free anytime needed really. I am always in control when dealing with animals, whether it's walking them or feeding them. I make sure your pets trust me my showing them love and affection.


10 years of experience

Here to care for your fur babies!

Here to care for your fur babies! I grew up in Los Angeles caring for my neighbors pets and plants. Ive continued to do that as an adult while friends travel here and internationally as i grew up in a few different countries. I myself have a senior cat who requires daily specific diet supplementation, application of subcutaneous fluids, and even occasional syringe feeds. Young animals are so much fun and it is always difficult to watch them age but it is extremely important and fulfilling to be able to offer every pet the care and comfort they need. Its cliche to say that animals are a special gift but to me it is true, they light me up and it is a pleasure to get to work with them. I currently work as a freelance photographer, and private chef but often have a lot of days off between gigs. I usually book my jobs weeks in advance so I know when I will and wont be available and good about communicating that with my clients. I live in a pet friendly apartment that could easily house up to two small dogs, or one large dog. I have a cat who is used to having dogs around and but as he is an older cat he usually keeps to himself on his perch. There are a few dog parks in my neighborhood, and areas to walk and play with other dogs if they enjoy that kind of interaction.


10 years of experience


Enrichment/Fun/Walks Friends, family, and neighbors trust me to care for their fur babies. Spending my time with animals has always been very important to me, for both my personal and professional life. I'm currently working part-time as a Certified Enrichment Technician at a training school for dogs so I have extra time in the weekends to spend some more time with animals. :) I am very safe with anyones pets and ask the clients necessary questions in order to prevent accidents that may arise. I am also Pet CPR+ First Aid Certified.


14 years of experience

Self-proclaimed dog whisperer

Self-proclaimed dog whisperer I've taken care of family pets of many sorts. From dogs to rabbits, fish, hamsters, and tortoise. I have a deep appreciation for the love and beauty of our animal companions. Gentle and caring as my forte — experience with administering medication, such as insulin shots, your furry darling will be loved like family :) I work full time as a pet caregiver. It is a lifelong passion of mine, ever elevating my sense of awareness around the simple and beautiful things of life. I'm there to make sure your pet's immediate needs are met; such as food, fresh water, potty breaks, play time, walks, and any immediate hazards to your pet's health are immediately addressed and neutralized.


15 years of experience

Loving home for your pet!

Loving home for your pet! I grew up with animals my whole life. I lived on a ranch growing up where I took care of dogs, cats, goats, horses, chickens and bunnies. I just graduated from college and I currently am not working, therefore I have all the time in the world to spend time with your fur baby. I can accommodate feeding, walking, and bathroom routines at any time. I recently moved out into my own apartment and it is my first time not having a pet of my own which inspired me to sign up for Rover to be able to care for another persons loved one while they are unable to do so. My apartment is pet friendly and includes a couch, a bed, and a rug that your pet can enjoy. I have a private balcony with a high barrier. Please let me know if there is anything I can do which I did not include to help accommodate your pet and make them feel more at home!


1 year of experience

Animals are my main joy

Animals are my main joy I have a year of proper experience on catering to animals and loved pets. I find myself to be reliable, communicative, understanding, devoted and proactive. I just moved to Los Angeles, so my availability will be from Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Until I get established in Los Angeles! (: Right now I reside in a safe, trusting side of town. Very active for walkers and beloved animals. I have patience and a nurturing demeanor.


2 years of experience

Happy go lucky puppy go lucky

Happy go lucky puppy go lucky I've taken care of dogs as big as Great Danes and as small as puppies. Both of which I enjoyed every second of. I'd be so happy to bring my experience here! Though I work a m-f 9 to 5, I work down the street with a lunch break giving me morning lunch and afternoon evening time with your doggie I care for each dog as If they were my own. I care for the house I'm in (if house sitting) as if it were my own


10 years of experience

Hi! Nice to meet you

Hi! Nice to meet you I've taken care of dogs of every kind since I was 18. My friends and family have relied on me to feed and walk their pets. I'm currently unemployed, so I have a lot of time to play with your pups! I'm available for boarding anytime So, see you soon! Your pet will be in good hands! I will take care of its cleanliness and safety If you are interested in any additional ...


3 years of experience

Dog Mom,loving pet care

Dog Mom,loving pet care I had birds, rabbits & now I have dog. It's been 1 year 7 months as his mom. I love to take care of pets. I am doing a part time job. I am available for 3 days for dog walking & to see their wagging tails with happy face. From 1 pm to 7pm. I walk with my dog. Any other dogs also will love to walk with me. I preferred small & medium ...


14 years of experience

Your dog is in loving hands <3

Your dog is in loving hands <3 I've taken care of dogs since I can remember! Everyone has always relied on me to look after their dogs! Friends, family, you name it! I'm currently working from home - and I'd rather dog sit than do nothing at all! Especially because I don't have my own...yet! I am fun, loving and will treat your pup like he/she is mine :) I have a rooftop and I like to go for walks - your dog is in excellent care with me. He/she will be loved on and taken great care of!


15 years of experience

Let's Go Have Fun!

Let's Go Have Fun! I've cared for dogs in my family all my life! I love animals and making sure they are cared for and protected while in my care. I know how important it is to make sure your baby is able to get out the house and have a little fun for the day. I'm currently not working a standard job so I will have plenty of time to care for your pups and go on plenty ...


15 years of experience

Your pup and me!

Your pup and me! I have always had dogs in my family and in my life. My first dog i raised on my own from puppyhood recently passed on and I miss having a companion! Not quite ready for a new family member, but will love your pooch as they were my family! My girl was a 100 lb mix, so I am no stranger to caring for large breeds, but comfortable with all pups. I live in an apartment, but have a dog run, I enjoy walking and hiking and would love to get your pup out for some exercise! I work full time M-F but live incredibly close to work. I can give multiple potty breaks during the day and some good exercise during my lunch break. I live alone and enjoy being outside. There is a dog run when I live or we can take long walks in the neighborhood. If your pup is well behaved in cars I am happy to do morning and weekend hikes!


31 years of experience

Energetic & empathetic pet sitting

Energetic & empathetic pet sitting I grew up in a rural area, around farm animals, and with pets living as family members since birth. I love the time I get to spend with other furry friends, and we tend to get along well. Having spent time as a courier, I noticed I had a special way with the dogs especially. I understand the TLC that goes into caring for our little loved ones, and can promise to your pet's specific ...

In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in Los Angeles for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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