The Top Dog Walkers in Eugene, OR

The Top Dog Walkers in Eugene, OR

When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Eugene comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Eugene, OR, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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18 years of experience
Rating: 5

pawsitively purrfect pet care!!

pawsitively purrfect pet care!! I have grown up with pets of all kinds, from fish & bunnies to cats & dogs! I have an absolute love for all animals. (I am currently 100% open for bookings between December 8th through December 20th!! Feel free to reach out!!) I am a full time student at UO (18 hours this quarter) who is quite busy during the week. I am accepting bookings during the week for returning clients, but my saturday & sundays are relatively slow & open for new clients. (please feel free to ask for more information). I go on walks regularly so walking with a furry friend would be wonderful! As a rover and previous rover user I also understand rover fees can be a little high sometimes when added to service fees. I accept bookings & pay not only through the app but cash and other forms of payment such as zelle and cashapp (without rover fees). If this is a better option, reach out so we can make a plan! I have a beagle mix dog named Wallace who is 3 years old, dogs are welcome on the couch, the bed, anywhere they feel comfortable. With that being said, I will treat spending time with your pets the same as mine whether we are in your home or mine. (Lots of pets, scratches, and treats as well).


1 year of experience
Rating: 5

Love dogs,walking, & being outside!

Love dogs,walking, & being outside! I am a firm believer that a well-exercised dog is a happy, obedient dog! I love being outside in all weather to help dogs get the exercise they need so that they can rest comfortably while you are away from them. I am a lover of Annie, our goldendoodle, and take her running, walking and hiking everyday. During the day, we are available to walk your dog as a team; Annie can come along for some socialization and friendship for your dog. I am also available to walk your dog alone if you prefer. Annie is a friendly, submissive dog who loves all people and other dogs. If your dog needs a walk mid-day while you are at work, I am happy to provide this service for you. It is a privilege to be outside helping our canine friends get the exercise they need. I look forward to meeting you and your dog.


13 years of experience
Rating: 5

All fur babies welcome here!

All fur babies welcome here! I have taken care of dogs and cats since I was 11 years old. From my family pets to the pets of my roommates and friends--I have provided care for all! As a former college athlete, I have a lot of energy to get outside (or stay inside, for my cat shaped friends) and make sure your pets get the exercise they need. I own a cat named Hector and live with a roommate with a dog, so my house is always full of lots of love! I am fully available during the day and early evening to give my clients and their pets my full attention! I can provide any of the pets I am taking care of multiple walks/visits depending on their needs. I am a respectful guest when in someone else's home, so I will be sure to take care of your pets and your home during the visit. I am a very clean individual and will make sure to leave your home as I found it after care.


20 years of experience
Rating: 5

I will walk or run with your dog!

I will walk or run with your dog! Hello, my name is Lisa. We have one dog, a Brittany and one cat. Dogs and cats have always been a part of our family. I have experience house and pet sitting for many years. I would love to help you out with all your pet (dogs and cats) care needs, i.e., staying with them while you are away, going on walks or runs, feeding, picking up after them, shopping for them or taking them to the vet, etc., as well as running errands for you while you are away during the day. I would be honored if given the opportunity to care for your furry friends. I look forward to speaking with you soon. I currently work in the mornings during the school year. I am available in the afternoons to walk, play or check in on your furry friends. At the current time I am unable to pet sit in my home. I am, however able to visit your pets in your home anytime.


3 years of experience
Rating: 5

Pug owner and pet lover!

Pug owner and pet lover! I've been around animals of all kinds since I was a child. I also have dealt with all types of behaviors and I'm confident in my care. I also own a pug who is very spoiled so you can expect the same treatments with your pets! If you'd like to get a look at my pet care you can follow @willthestinkypug on Instagram! My life revolves around my little pug already! Animals make me happy, so caring for them is second nature. I only work 5 hours a day so I have a flexible schedule to drop in! All pet in my home are very spoiled! My pug has health issues which involves giving medication everyday, so I am comfortable with all care. I am also very particular with my dogs care so with other pets I make sure to follow instructions 100%.


9 years of experience
Rating: 5

Experienced Pet Whisperer

Experienced Pet Whisperer I had a very successful pet sitting service for 9 years prior to moving to Eugene. I grew up around dogs and cats as well other pets. A lot of my pet parents call me the pet whisperer. I decided to retire early from my job, giving me the ability to offer my “ luxury pet sitting service”. It's a win/win for both of us, I'm able to spend more time with you fur babies. I feel it's very important to keep your fur babies on their normal schedule plus giving lots of love and hugs. One thing I do ask if you can write down your babies schedule, if they are allergic to anything, how they behave when you are gone, how they are with other dogs/cats & what there walking schedule.


12 years of experience

Proud son of a Dog Rescue Owner

Proud son of a Dog Rescue Owner I have been working with dogs since I could walk, always having them around the house and with family and friends. But my mom and step father took on starting their own dog rescue right before I entered high school. My mom carried on the torch with SevaDog (the rescue) through the years. It has now evolved into a training, rescue, boarding facility just outside of Eugene. Being the son and a big contributor to the evolution/success of SevaDog. I have gained the skills and patience that comes from working with as many breeds and various needs a dogs may have. As you can imagine, we've had a lot of dogs come through the rescue, and they have all had their own personalities. Over the years I have house sat for various friends and family since my mom usually could never get away! I am currently working part-time with Seva Dog as I am on the lookout for a more permanent job. You can never learn enough when it comes to working with dogs. So I figured working with dogs in my community will be a lot of fun and teach me some new things.We have 11 of our own personal dogs. They go out three times a day in different groups, with various medications and foods. Basically a full-time job if you ask me! Ha ha. Anyway, so I'm used to high needs and dedicating proper time and care to the pups. Like I said in the schedule portion, each of our personal dogs has medications and different foods they eat. Not all of the dogs get a long, so they all go out in specific groups to prevent unnecessary anxiety or altercations. They all get time out in the yard to do their business and play, then there is some time inside to hangout and maybe get some cuddles in or just laying around.Each of their crates has water that I change daily, especially as it has been colder and the heat is on more. We even have one pup who has skin allergies, so sometimes I'll have to bathe her and put the skin lotion on so she doesn't go crazy.


23 years of experience

Lover of furry friends!

Lover of furry friends! I've owned cats for over 20 years and have multiple years' experience house sitting and pet sitting for dogs of different breeds. I love both cats and dogs, and I'm open to caring for multiple pets at a time. I'm a graduate student with a flexible schedule and so can accommodate last minute requests. I'm free in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. I love being outside so I'm always down to do walks. I love spending quality time with pets, taking walks, giving pets, snuggling, and playing! Happy to follow whatever care routine the owners recommend! Im set on making pets feel loved!


5 years of experience

College Student Who Loves Animals!

College Student Who Loves Animals! I have been a reliable dog sitter for a family in my neighborhood every summer since I was 15! I love all animals and am hoping to learn about as many breeds as i can! I am currently a part time student looking to spend my extra time with some fun doggies! I love all types of dogs and can't wait to play! I can easily crate your dog if needed. I love walks and understand safe protocol incase your dog needs to stay separate from other dogs.


10 years of experience

Pawsitively the Best

Pawsitively the Best Hello there,My name is Haley and I'm 26 years old. An animal lover, but animals are my passion and first love. This Is my first time running my own dog care taking business, but I have 10+ years of taking care of and being raised around dogs of all ages, breeds and personalities. I recently moved from Bend to Eugene and I'm looking to add dog care part-time Into my life. I live a block from the college and have my own vehicle, so I'm fairly accessible. If you have any additional questions, dont be afraid to ask. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend! I'd like to do dog care part-time (nights,weekends) for right now. I currently just got established with a pet care company called Sitter Setter and am hoping to add Rover as well. I make sure they have their basic needs being met. Whether that be taking them on walks, feeding them, playing with them or cuddles if they desire, etc.


12 years of experience

Looking forward to meeting your pet

Looking forward to meeting your pet I'm great with just about every dog I meet/cat I meet. I have a very big heart when it comes to animals and I feel that makes me a great person to be working with them. I don't currently have a job and I am attending lane to get my GED and my classes are 6 pm to 820 pm Monday though Thursday. I would be caring for your pets in your home as I'm not able to have them where I lived but I would love to meet you and hear how you'd like me to care for your pets!


3 years of experience

Three years of experience with dogs

Three years of experience with dogs I have taken care of dogs for about three years now. Specifically American bullies, because in my family there is three American bullies Boss, Hazel, and Bear. I have been through the process of training especially since we have had Bear since birth. Bear is now almost three years old, but our oldest dog boss is 6 years old, and hazel is 5 years old. I'm currently a part time student, since I am doing online but I am a full-time athlete. So I have plenty of time in the mornings, or late afternoons since around mid day I am busy. So for mornings or late afternoons I am available! I have plenty of space in my own home for the dog to play, relax, and enjoy it's time. I live next to a walking trail where it's great to go on a walk with the pup! Very convenient to go outside and enjoy a walk.


10 years of experience
Rating: 5

Cat mom looking for dog friends!

Cat mom looking for dog friends! I have taken care of cats and dogs since I was little, from my own to my neighbors when they are on vacation. It is an amazing time to relax or get some exercise in while making a pup or kitty happy as can be! I work and go to school full-time so I will mainly be doing drop-ins morning, midday, and at night. Walks and time at the park or on campus are a definite throughout their day with me. If they have a favorite game or toy I am happy to indulge them with some treats! I have an apartment with two cats that are cohabitated. My cat Luna is 4 years old and self-regulates her eating through the day after I feed her in the morning. Pumpkin is 9 years old and has a timed feeder. Both are litterboxed trained which get cleaned morning and night. We do a daily brushing for each pet before cuddles!


10 years of experience

Flexible schedule, Cats & Dogs!

Flexible schedule, Cats & Dogs! I was raised around all kinds of animals and have owned and cared for cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and other various farm animals. I have been pet sitting for friends, family, and neighbours since I was 14. I am reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to providing excellent animal care! I'm currently a part-time college student at the University of Oregon. I have a flexible schedule so I have plenty of time for walks and drop-in visits! ...


7 years of experience

Responsible caregiver

Responsible caregiver I have been taking care of animals and housesitting since I was young and have experimented with cats and dogs, other peoples and my own. I have experience with reactive dogs and other as well as housesitting, taking care of plants and cats or Guinea pigs. I am currently working two days a week and am also a part time student but have plenty of time throughout the week in mornings and afternoons


10 years of experience

Love to be around dogs

Love to be around dogs I have worked at a shelter and volunteered for more then 3 years, plus I have my own dog for about 4 years now. I love all dogs and always want to make sure they are all happy. I am very good at teaching dogs to sit, as well as going for runs, and playing with the dog. I make sure that when the dog is back home, he or she got enough exercise. I ...


10 years of experience

Fun, attentive pet lover

Fun, attentive pet lover It's freezing out! I'd love to walk your dog for you <3 I have grown up around pets my entire life, and I'm never truly satisfied unless a pet is in the house. I'm the first person my friends call when they need a pet sitter! I'm a busy college student always looking for some pet love to ease my stress or to help me procrastinate just a little bit longer. :) In my home ...


18 years of experience

Just looking to love on some dogs!

Just looking to love on some dogs! I recently had to put my sweet girl down, and have nocitced just how quiet our home has been without dog love. Though I'm new to Rover, I have MANY years of house sitting and general dog expirience. I worked along side my mother in her dog grooming shop as a child and was house sitting for friends, neighbors and my moms customers though my highschool and college years. Our family isn't ready to adopt ...


18 years of experience

Need care for a fur baby? I'm it!

Need care for a fur baby? I'm it! I grew up on a ranch and have since cared for animals from the time I could walk. Family members and friends have relied on me to help out and trusted me to take care of their fur babies. I am pretty available most days after noon. I would love to work with you to create a schedule if you wish to set up reoccurring visits. I am a big believer in ensuring my animals ...

In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in Eugene for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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