The Top Dog Walkers in Denver, CO

The Top Dog Walkers in Denver, CO

When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Denver comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Denver, CO, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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30 years of experience
Rating: 5


ASK ABOUT 1 & 2 HOUR GROUP WALKS! HOUSE-SITTING, OVERNIGHT STAYS, IN-YOUR-HOME BOARDING, DAILY & WEEKLY SOLO and GROUP WALKS & ON-DEMAND HELP AVAILABLE THROUGH OUT METRO DENVER.>^..^< CATS WELCOME TOO! >^..^< IN THE INTEREST OF COVID19 SAFETY - UPDATED 12/1/22I travel with hand sanitizer - I pick up poop for a living, so that's a given!I am fully vaccinated including the bivalent vaccine booster on 10/1/22. I still wear a mask when inside homes with residents, when entering apartment buildings and other closer-contact situations. and I still bring my own leashes... NEW! now offering 1 HOUR GROUP WALKS ( Monday - Friday) @ $39 and 2 HOUR GROUP WALKS (Tuesday & Thursday) @ $49Groups of 3 - 8 dogs, matched for pace, temperament and activity level meet for 1 - 2 hour walks (covering ~2-6 miles) weekday mornings.Walks are always ON-LEAD through greenways, parks and neighborhoods. NEVER in dog parks! Walk locations include RINO, South Platte River Trail, City Park, Cherry Creek Trail, Sloan's Lake, and several of the city's Shared Streets closed streets.AN IN-PERSON MEET AND SOLO WALK ARE REQUIRED BEFORE ANY DOG CAN BE BOOKED ON GROUP WALKS. No Exceptions AVAILABLE 6AM - 10PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK! Senior, special-needs, or hard to handle dogs?No problem! I OFFER:* HOUSE SITTING/IN-HOME BOARDING/DROP INS - multiple visits from 6AM - 10PM, where your pet stays safe & happy in your home - overnight, a weekend, or longer! "How many?" or "How long?"You tell me - this is all about what works best for you and your pets. * DAILY WALKS & DROP-IN HOME VISITS - both regularly scheduled daily walks & breaks, and last minute/day of/on demand (always welcome, never an extra fee!) * MORNING RUSH SERVICE (and other times too!) - "How do you get kids dressed & fed & off to school, yourself ready for work AND your furry monster walked, fed and settled in for the day?" Easy. You call Mike. Home monitoring (mail collection, plant care, security lights, sump check, etc) is always included with my visits. You love to travel, but that doesn't mean your dog (or cat, or bird, or reptile, or fish) does... I offer the in-home boarding, home visits, walks, and pet care I couldn't find for my own dogs and cats. Routine is important for dogs sensitive to noise and change, nervous in new places, or just overall less confident and happier without changes to their worlds. I work with a national breed-specific rescue, and only adopt special-needs dogs. My blind dog and puppymill rescue could not tolerate the stress and change of a kennel or other boarding situation, and were happiest at home in a familiar environment. Your high expectations for the furkids will be met by my own attention to detail, standard of care, and overall welfare of your pet (as well as security of your home). I tailor any number of visits, of any duration, to best meet your pet's (and your) routine and needs. From Malteses to Mastiffs, I can handle any size dog (and cats too!), including walks, feeding, bathroom breaks, "environmental enrichment"(which includes cuddles and attention), and some at-home medical care (Pills, iv fluids, etc). I only use positive training and reinforcement with clients; including these elements in my visits are part of the package, never extra! ONE NOTE - "Typically, how long will dogs in your care have to wait between potty breaks? "That's really up to you...Depending on your dog and what they're used to, the number of visits and their duration can be adjusted to meet your preference. Visits start at $19 for 20 minutes. Longer visits or walks can be easily arranged, and a booking can include a mix of services and timing, based on your pet's size, age, and needs. This is concierge-level service to best accommodate you, rather than a one-size-fits-most solution. OTHER THINGS TO KNOW - while this site is clearly dog-centric, I offer excellent care for cats, rodents, birds, reptiles and fish as well! Short notice requests and open ended reservations are welcome, and will always be accommodated when possible ( and for no extra fee - don't you hate when that happens!?! I do!) LAST - a meet-and-greet with me the sitter, you the owner, and your pet the sittee is required. Its a free consultation and I consider it an essential part of the service of helping you and your pets maintain peace of mind while you're away and to be sure I'm the best fit to meet your expectations. I look forward to meeting you! MORE ABOUT ME:Before launching Wigglebutts Pet Care 6 years ago, I had 20+ years in manufacturing, retail operations, event production, and property management.My goal is to offer the level of care for your furball and home second only to your own. I am a lifelong dog owner, and have volunteered in dog and cat rescue for the past 20+ years. My specific interests are evaluating and retraining animals with behavioral and emotional issues that limit their adoptability, and animals with special needs. I work both ends of rescue - evaluating eligible dogs available for fostering & adoption as well as the homes applying to adopt. I am a strong proponent of positive training methods, as well as alternative/complementary approaches in the animal health community (i.e. t-touch, nutrition, calming signals). Walks and visits are available 7 days a week, between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM.There's no extra charge for weekends or evenings.Visits are booked across a 3 hour window. During peak periods, that window and those hours might be extended at my discretion, but your pet's safety and well being is always a top consideration.If you require more precise scheduling (i.e. at 7 AM sharp for medication) there is a $15 charge. And FINALLY - my visits are "time based" rather than service based.When you book a visit, you get a mix of whatever activities & care you'd like during that time, which always includes routine clean up of any minor incidents (like changing out a pee pad, wiping up muddy paw prints, sweeping up a litter box miss, etc) so that both your pet and your home are safe and well cared-for. However, some accidents exceed the scope of a 5-minute or less clean up (i.e. poop-splosion, or carpet pad confetti party), or have nothing to do with routine pet care (interior water leaks, alarm faults, etc). In those cases, the owner will be responsible for the added time at $15.00/each 15 minute period required to either clean your pet or secure your home. All services on Rover are pre-paid, so the expectation is the owner would complete payment for services rendered as soon as possible upon notice. Your failure to do so could result in an early termination of our stay agreement. ¯_(ツ)_/¯MILEHIGH WIGGLE BUTTS MILE HIGH WIGGLEBUTTS WIGGLEBUTT WIGGLE BUTT BUTTS - "Best of the Best!" I provide pet care, dog walking, & behavioral coaching through my business Mile High Wigglebutts LLC, which is my full-time, year-round gig. I look forward to speaking further.


19 years of experience
Rating: 5

ďťżVET TECH~Cats too!

ďťżVET TECH~Cats too! **CURRENTLY ACCEPTING REGULAR WALKERS ON THURSDAY & FRIDAYS (ALL OTHER DAYS FULL)**I am a highly skilled, compassionate, and caring retired vet tech with 19 years of experience that will treat your pet as my own. I accept hard-to-manage cases and can confidently provide a variety of medical care such as SQ fluids, injections, oral medications, and basic first aid. I am available in the mornings and afternoons weekly and require a meet n' greet prior to walking your pup or if your pet requires specific medical attention. I will do evening walks only on special occasion. I am available to do cat sits as well! I am currently offering services 6 days a week, with Wednesdays being the one day that I do not offer service. I've been working professionally with animals since 2001 as an emergency veterinary technician. In addition, I've volunteered with pets of the homeless and injured/orphaned wildlife since 2011 and have been professionally walking/pet sitting since 2014. Animal care has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I take great pride in my work and I look forward to providing your little furry ones the utmost care! Cheers I offer single and up to 3 dog (limit) walk around your neighbourhood or designated areas. I typically walk between 1045am-330pm, with some exceptions accepted. I avoid other people, children, bikes, other dogs, and (if I can hear them) skateboards. I do not use headphones while on walks as to better observe my surroundings.


30 years of experience
Rating: 5

Available during business hours

Available during business hours I have had animals my entire life. Owner of a 12 year old Australian shepherd boxer mix. Ive owned many different dog breeds, cats and birds. I am currently unemployed and do not drive so I only am able to help those owners in my area. I would be available between 8am through 4pm Monday through Friday. I am looking to help other pet owners take care of their animals during the day. I've looked after several of my neighbors dogs, feeding, walking taking them out to just have playtime outside. I've walked animals using different collars, leads and harnesses. I am a big animal lover of all different kinds of animals. your animals will be safe in my care while we are out walking.


10 years of experience
Rating: 5

I'll treat your dogs like mine

I'll treat your dogs like mine I have owned two dogs and have boarded and house sat for friends. I also walk dogs for another app. I have taken a CPR class for pets. I am also a trained massage therapist, taking classes specifically for pets. I believe in treating the dog like a family member and leaving detailed notes for the owner on certain aspects (stool consistency, triggers, behavior). I enjoy running and can run a dog if that is what the owner desires. I can walk/run up to four dogs at once. I work Wednesday thru Saturday 7 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. and am available at any other time to walk or house sit dogs, preferably in the Capitol Hill or uptown area of Denver. I do own a vehicle just in case there is an emergency and a pet needs to be rushed to a vet or Hospital. I work almost everyday. I start around 8a until 4 or 5p. I try to stay within 2.5 miles of cheese man park. I study at night. I will treat with safety in mind first. Then I'll make sure they have fun. I always leash them and avoid other dogs, as per company policy.


7 years of experience
Rating: 5

Caring for your pet like my own!

Caring for your pet like my own! I have been pet sitting for 7 years now and over the past two years have fostered over 12 dogs of various ages, breeds, sizes, and temperaments! I've done it all from potty training, crate training, socialization, leash etiquette, etc. Fostering is incredibly rewarding and has taught me so many fundamental skills that will help me care for your pet the best way I can! My home has had many temporary pet residents and I always ensure they are safe and comfortable on their own terms. I also have a senior cat with CKD and hyperthyroidism so I have plenty of experience with medications and injections if that is needed for your pet. I work from home with a very flexible schedule so it fits in perfectly! I have a dog of my own whose happiness is my priority. I am huge on safety and transparency. I have my own dog and cat so I promise to care for your pets the same way I would want someone to care for my two boys.


8 years of experience
Rating: 5

Mellow and playful cat owner

Mellow and playful cat owner I've taken care of pets with a wide variety of needs, from special diets to occasionally delivering medication. I have enough energy to play with the kiddos and know when to take it easy. I enjoy long walks with dogs, short jogs, and playing with indoor cats. I grew up surrounded with pets, I've done everything from overnight pet sitting to walking. Whatever your companion's needs are, I work to meet them so they are feeling happy and calm. I have flexible work hours with my main job and get to spoil my cat with attention the entire time. My schedule varies depending on meetings and projects, but I like keeping a consistent schedule with your furry friend. I communicate right away and ahead of time if there's any upcoming changes to my schedule. I take meticulous care of the home and the pet during overnight stays. I like to leave places better than I found them. I've house sat and pet sat while living abroad. If you have any special instructions on how you want your pet to be taken care of, I will follow them exact.


15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog Dad Looking for Walking Friends

Dog Dad Looking for Walking Friends My love for animals started in the neighborhood where I grew up. I had 4 dogs throughout my childhood, and there were plenty more to befriend next door and across the street. I started watching dogs for neighbors who went on trips, and have picked up the practice again for friends here in Denver. When I went away for school I missed my dogs at home so much at school that I adopted my own dog, Madison, a couple of years into my degree. Madison was with me for 10 amazing years, she gave me so many lessons in dog ownership during that time. We moved together to Denver, where she passed in the spring of 2022. Madison had a lot of energy, when I couldn't be with her all day I had to rely on family and friends to help her get the exercise that she needed. There was such a difference in her mood and behavior when exercised versus when she was pent up all day. I was taking some time off from my corporate job when Madison passed, and I decided to extend my time home in order to train a brother/sister pair of bulldog puppies my wife and I agreed to adopt. We've explored a lot of the local parks and trails on walks together. The experience of raising them has been so rewarding that I have decided to offer my services to other dog owners as a walker/sitter now that the puppies are a bit older. My goal is to provide a consistent and trustworthy resource for pet owners in the Denver area. I have experience with administering prescribed medical treatments and general hygiene for dogs. I have transportation that can be used for animals, and a flexible schedule to begin pet care on Rover in January, 2023. Over the past 7 months I have been raising 2 puppies on a daily schedule of exercise, training, and play. We're early risers, so are usually up and fed by 7 a.m., out the door for a walk by 7:30. Once exercised my dogs are able to settle in for a nap, or be watched by my wife while I head out to care for other animals via rover. I would be able to offer check-ins and in home care around my schedule at home, as my wife does occasionally travel for work. We practice positive reinforcement in our home with treats, and praise as incentive. Our dogs do training on commands "Sit, Down, Stay, Shake, etc." for 15 minutes prior to every meal with their kibble, which we then mix with some toppers. We also practice a daily and weekly schedule for hygiene including face wipes, ear solution, eye drops and teeth brushing. All of these services are offered to well behaved dogs, bonus if food motivated.


Rating: 5

Just wanna love some fluffy babies!

Just wanna love some fluffy babies! No paid experience, I've cared for my exes dogs in the past while he was away and have had cats all my life. I feel comfortable with non-aggressive dogs and cats of all temperaments. I work a flexible 9-5, happy to pop in and check on or walk a pup or two during the day or evening, certainly on the weekends, and whenever else is convenient! I'm maxed out on animals at my apartment, so I'm happy to come to you to walk or feed or play with your fur kiddos.


2 years of experience
Rating: 5

Professional dog lover

Professional dog lover My job during college was being a family's dog care taker. I would take them on walks in between class, feed them twice a day, and spend the night with them on weekends that the family was out of town. I have a 9-5, so anything before 8:30 I can do. I can also stop by during my lunch hour, as well as hangout with the pup and play with them when I get off work! My weekends usually consist of going to parks, so I'd love to bring a furry friend along. I can host a dog during weekdays as well as weekends. I take care of anyones dog like they are my own. I have a family dog and have experience caring for dogs, and I know how stressful it can be to allow a stranger to care for your pet. I ensure you I will give them all the love and abide by any rules you have in place. I love dogs so so much and the opportunity and responsibility to care for someone's dog gives me joy.


4 years of experience
Rating: 5

Active, reliable, WFH dog lover!

Active, reliable, WFH dog lover! I've grown up with dogs my entire life, from helping raise and play with puppies with my dad as a kid to watching and walking dogs of friends and family during the pandemic. My current job is remote, work from home and on EST hours so I have a lot of flexibility in the afternoons and evenings to care for your dogs. I'm comfortable with breeds of all shapes and sizes. My commitment to you is to provide the love and attention your dog deserves. My hope is that we also build a strong, working relationship in the process as well.


11 years of experience
Rating: 5

animal loving biologist

animal loving biologist I am a lifelong animal lover with years of experience walking dogs, house sitting, and caring for animals of my own and others' from lizards to horses and everything in between. I started my own dog walking business at age 13 and have since volunteered with wolves, horses, farm, and wild animals. I am comfortable with any size and type of dog or cat and can feed, walk, run, play with, work on basic training, hike, fetch, or snuggle with your dog. I will take great care of your pets whether it be tending to their needs at home or going on adventures. I am responsible and attentive. I have flexibility in my schedule as I have just finished grad school and am working on job applications. I can easily fit your furry friend's routine into my day. We can have walks when needed and fit feeding and time at home into the day and week. I am a respectful guest in others' homes and will leave everything better than I find it. I am happy to house sit and ensure your home as well as your animals are well taken care of, or I am happy to drop in for care or walks. I will follow guidelines that we discuss together to ensure consistent and excellent care for your pet in an ideal environment.


20 years of experience
Rating: 5

I love pets of all shapes and sizes

I love pets of all shapes and sizes As a kid I was constantly bringing home stray dogs and cats from my neighborhood. I got my first dog at the age of nine and have always loved every dog and cat I've ever met. I find fish and reptiles fascinating and even shared custody of a bunny in college. I'm currently in between jobs so I'm open to daily pet care starting at 9am. Able to keep pets in my home on the weekends. I have my own pup, she's a year and half westie and she gets along well with all dogs and cats that are comfortable with dogs. In my home pets are allowed on the furniture and spoiled with nutritious treats. I love going for long walks around my neighborhood and in Denver's many parks. Trips to the dog park are a near daily occurrence in our home.


10 years of experience
Rating: 5

I'll love your pet like my very own

I'll love your pet like my very own I have taken care of dogs for many years. I have always had friends and family ask me to watch their animals. They know their pets will always get a good workout and be well taken care of with me. I am a single mom who is in grad school. So my days and evenings are pretty flexible. I can usually make my schedule work with yours! I live in the city and love to do city walks, I love dogs too. So, I thought I could do both together! You're welcome.


20 years of experience

Animal lover! Flexible schedule

Animal lover! Flexible schedule I've taken care of dogs, cats, & several other types of animals for as long as I can remember. My neighbors, friends & family have relied on me to walk, feed, cuddle & care for their pets for more than 20 years now. I recently moved to the Denver area, & for the first time in my life do not have a little furry friend of my own to care for at home. I would love nothing more than to help care for your furry best friends! I have experience caring for both young pets & more senior pets that may require special care. I'm currently in between jobs at the moment, so I have a very flexible schedule to help care for your furry best friends! I'm available both during the workday & evenings to help ensure your pet gets their needs met. I'm currently available for client home drop-in visits and feedings. I'm also available to ensure your pups get nice long walks in the outdoors as needed.


5 years of experience

I love dogs and cats of any size!

I love dogs and cats of any size! I've taken care of family and friends dogs and cats since I was young back in my hometown. Back home I had a cat and two dogs who I miss greatly so I'm looking to continue walking and caring for them since my move to Denver! I currently work full time remotely from my apartment. I'm home all day so I can watch and walk your animals anytime that you need! I have a small apartment where I'm happy to watch your animals. I can also easily crate your animals and take them in and out to the bathroom as needed!


15 years of experience

Young professional that loves dogs.

Young professional that loves dogs. I have had dogs since I was a toddler and have experience caring for large and small dogs. Additionally, I have dog sat for neighbors over weekends and walked their dogs when needed. I miss my family dog, Ali, and having a furry friend around to cheer up your day :) I work remotely and am very flexible in terms of availability and late notice. I am available all weekdays and some weekends dependent on needs. I provide top-notch in-home dog care services tailored to your furry friend's needs. From feeding and walking to playtime and snuggles, I ensure your pup receives the love and attention they deserve while you're away. Trust me to provide reliable and compassionate car for your furry family member.


20 years of experience

Seeking a walking buddy

Seeking a walking buddy I've lived with cats my whole life and began caring for cats for neighbors and family for about 20 years. It took a little longer to fall in love with dogs but my brother's 3 pittie mixes (80+ lbs, one blind) stole my heart. I lived with, walked, and administered medications (oral and topical) to these adult dogs daily for a year. I am currently between contracts so available during week days but likely could add additional time slots if the pet and owner are a great fit I want you and your pet to be comfortable, so I'm happy to follow your normal routine as close as possible and confirm any deviations with you if needed


25 years of experience

**Tailored Pet Care & Training**

**Tailored Pet Care & Training** I have 20+ years of experience caring for cats, dogs, birds, and exotic animals, and am also an experienced dog trainer! I personally cared for two cats as a child, a black English Lab as a teen, and countless neighbor and local dogs and cats via my dog-walking and pet-care service from ages 13-18 years old. In my mid-20s, I also raised a Goldendoodle (named Leo) from six weeks to eight months old with my ex-girlfriend, until we broke up and she took him with her. By the time we parted, I'd trained him in all basic commands (sit, lay down, roll over, shake, come, heel), as well as fixing more complicated behavioral issues such as jumping on visitors, howling/scratching doors and furniture due to separation anxiety, and chewing electrical wires. Furthermore, I have a two-year American Red Cross certification in Pet First Aid & CPR, which I've included for your reference in the photos section of my profile. ----ADDITIONAL SERVICES- 30-minute Run - $45 - Have a high-energy dog that's exhibiting boredom behaviors such as scratching furniture or trying to escape its crate/dwelling? I'll take your dog on a half-hour run (about 3.5 miles) to burn off some of that extra energy! - Cleaning Services - I worked as a custodian cleaning a large library and one/two-family dwellings for ten years, and therefore have extensive experience with custodial work. I'm offering cleaning services for an additional fee and only during a house-sit you've already booked with me. The "Bathroom" service will entail cleaning the toilet(s), sink(s), tile floor, tub/shower (including wall tile), mirror(s), and laundering of shower mats, towels, and washcloths. The "Bedroom" service will entail sweeping/woodcleaning (if hardwood) or vacuuming (if carpeted) the floor, dusting all surfaces, spot-cleaning the walls, washing the windows, and laundering the bedsheets, blankets, and any other laundry the occupant would like cleaned. The "Entire Home" service will entail all of the services listed above for all bathrooms and bedrooms in the home, as well as the kitchen, living room, family room, and other interior rooms. NOTE that I do not clean attics, garages (attached or detached), patios, or other ancillary rooms/structures. o Entire Home (up to 1,500 square feet) - $200 additional fee o Entire Home (1,501-3,000 square feet) - $300 additional fee o Homes greater than 3,000 square feet I'd need to see during our Meet & Greet to offer a quote o Bathroom - $35 per bathroom o Bedroom - $50 per bedroom o Lawn Mowing - $35 for lots up to .25 acres; anything larger I'd need to quote during our Meet & Greet; I would need to use an on-site mower as I don't have a yard or lawnmower of my own. - Services provided outside of a four-mile radius: o $10/night extra for house-sitting 2-5 miles from my residence o $5/walk extra for walks 5-9 miles from my residence o $5/drop-in extra for drop-ins 5-9 miles from my residence----DOG TRAINING SERVICES I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all method of pet care/training. I will work with you to meet your personal needs and will compromise whenever possible to ensure your satisfaction as a client. I can offer dog training services for an additional fee, whether you'd simply like to teach your dog basic commands, or have a behavioral issue you need addressed. The cost for standalone training sessions is either $30/$50 per half-hour/one-hour session or $150 per behavior/command you'd like permanently addressed, for basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, and to correct basic behavioral issues such as jumping on new people and guests. If I cannot successfully train your dog to obey the desired command or discontinue the undesirable behavior, I will charge no fee. However, as the owner, you will be expected to continue the training I implement if you wish for your dog to remember their training! I'll give you a list of written instructions pertinent to the command/behavior training I've performed so you can continue working with your dog at home! I currently work part-time as a freelance content writer, editor, and illustrator, so I can perform any of my current job duties from any location that has WiFi service. Your beloved pet will have my full attention the majority of the day on house-sitting jobs, as well as walks and drop-ins. While my apartment is cramped and has COA policies that prevent me from regularly boarding dogs, I am able to board up to two small to medium-sized dogs from the same household as well as offer doggy day-care services with the same limitations, and I'm always available as a house-sitter. During house-sits, I treat the client's home the same as I'd treat any living space belonging to someone else; when I leave, my goal is to leave the space looking as clean or cleaner than it was upon my arrival. Residential security is top priority as well, so I lock up when I leave, keep the key(s) on my person at all times, and will never allow anyone, even my girlfriend, into a client's home with me without a client's express permission.


15 years of experience

No dog is too big or too small!

No dog is too big or too small! I've taken care of large and small dogs since I was in middle school. Neighbors and family members have relied on me to bathe, feed and walk their pets while away. I grew up with boxers, and am still the designated bath-giver and dog walker every time I visit my parents! I love cats too, especially after caring for my roommate's while she is away, and sitting for my neighbor's adorable tabby while she was ...

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