When it comes to our furry companions, we want nothing but the best. But with busy schedules and other commitments, it can be difficult to give our dogs the attention and exercise they need on a daily basis.

That's where finding a top-rated dog walker in Chicago comes in – professionals who can help ensure our dogs get the exercise and outdoor time they need to stay happy and healthy.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of the best dog walkers in Chicago, IL, providing insight into their experience, personality, and client reviews.

Whether you're looking for a regular walker or just need occasional help, we've got you covered with the best of the best.

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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

Love and care given as I do my own!

Hello, my name is Sandra and I have more than 20 years of experience owning and caring for dogs of all sizes, sex, and breeds. I currently am a proud mother of a 12 lb male bichon poodle mix named Moe (also goes by Bean). I am sure that your fur baby (canine or feline!) and I will get along very well. I will treat your baby the way it deserves to be treated, with much love and affection! I can walk or run with your dog near your home or by mine if I'm dog sitting. Since I live right by Grant Park, we have many nice paths to take. Your pet will be sure to love these walks as much as Moe does! Right now, my availability is very open. I look forward to getting to know you and your fur baby! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. P.S. if you want to socialize your dog, I can bring Moe with me on the walks or visits :) I care for fur babies full time!! While also being a supportive partner to my husband and a doting mother to my senior dog, Moe :) We live in a high rise right in the Loop and currently have one sweet old dog who is welcoming to others, but is more on the mellow side. He has a way of providing comfort to dogs who may be shy or nervous and really help them come out of their shell :)
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14 years of experience
Rating: 5

Active, caring - flexible hours

I grew up with two toy poodles and one beagle. Both of my toy poodles have had sets of litters that I have raised. Growing up I have had experiences taking care of different types of animals. I have volunteered at animal shelters and clean cages, walked dogs, and helped animals get adopted. In addition to growing up with dogs my whole life I also grew up taking care of birds, hamsters, and even had a pet squirrel once! I am a regular dog walker in the West Loop. You can find me walking dogs daily at the Mary Bartelme park in the West Loop. I am available mornings and afternoons for dog walking. I also do drops for both cats and dogs. I am located in Pilsen for Boarding, which is a 10 min drive from the West Loop! I provide sitting for both dogs and cat sitting! My daily routine is always surrounded around pet care. As a daily dog walker in the West Loop I am always surrounded by animals. My daily routine always includes daily walks to the parks, playing with your fur baby, and providing fun and active adventures! I provide regular potty breaks that are between every 2-4 hours. I love taking walks as a source of exercise and bonding time with a dog. There will be lots of cuddles included! In addition I enjoy listening to meditation music so your fur baby will be in a very zen environment. In addition I make sure to follow instructions from the owner/my client and will always provide the best care that I can.
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Claire & David

15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Husband/Wife Dog Loving Team!

We've taken care of dogs/cats of all ages, sizes and ZEST! We lost our precious 10lb Morky Teddy after 11 years and now share our beautiful 100lb Great Pyrenees Brady with our daughter. We love to go on walks, play in our indoor dog park or cozy up on the sofa. We are happy to manage special diets, stick with your pet's schedule/needs and make them feel welcome in our home or yours. We work part time from home. Our schedules are flexible so we'll have plenty of time to play and have potty breaks with your doggie. We have an indoor/outdoor dog park in our building which is terrific for small dogs. We are near the Riverwalk for daily walks. Our apartment can accommodate a crate if needed. If visiting your home, we will follow your guidelines to keep your doggie safe and secure. We currently work from home part time & our schedule is very flexible. We will work with you to accommodate your pet's needs or special requirements. We have an indoor/outdoor small pet area in our building for overnight stays. We'll follow any and all of your guidelines to keep your special friend safe & secure. We do not allow dogs to sleep in our bed overnight.
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9 years of experience
Rating: 5

Say hi to your dog for me :)

Hi, available for dog walks and dog/cat visits. Live in UC1 so I'm your neighbor. Walk my dog Jelly and other dogs in the UC neighborhood and visit some awesome cats. Specialize in long walks (brisk 90 min to 2+ hours) so if your dog needs a lot of exercise, I'm your dog walker. I'm attentive and conscientious and will never be on phone or wearing headphones while walking your dog. Pic is my dog Jelly and our 3 cats Cletus, Screech and Wendy. Animals are the best! We've had Jelly and before her Peach for 9 years now. She loves long walks and treats! (not in that order). Friendly, respectful and your neighbor; you can trust me to take care of your pet and not worry about anything. Currently walking dogs in our neighborhood throughout the day, but can likely fit in your best bud for a nice stroll. I'll try to accommodate as much as I can to make sure the times work for all. My dog is a couch potato, but likes to visit all her favorite spots. However you need your dogs walked, played with, treats if any, commands and training you are emphasizing can do. Please let me know.
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15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Animalshelter staff ready for walks

I have had dogs my whole life, worked in animal shelters for over 5 years, and previously fostered pets as well. I have experience with any breed/temperament/walking equipment. I work four days a week at an animal shelter so I am available consistently Mondays and Tuesdays and more depending on my work schedule! I have a 10 year old rescue dog and I strive to give her the best life I possibly can. I will treat your pets the same! We all want what's best for our fur babies!
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17 years of experience
Rating: 5

True Animal Lover Ready to Spoil!!

With a childhood growing up with both cats and dogs, I've spent many years being an animal caretaker and lover! Starting in 2005, as an adult, I became a pet owner with my two original cats, Doodle and Spitz. They have since passed, leaving us with our newest cat, Puff. While my wife and I have not yet gotten a dog, we frequently discuss and I'm sure one will be in our future. Besides the basics of cat caretaking, by previously having two elderly cats I am also well versed in giving medication and looking after senior cats. As for dogs, I have looked after friends' dogs, taking them on walks, feeding them, and even transporting in a vehicle if necessary! Overall, I'm just a guy who loves animals and would love to look after your pets, guaranteeing the utmost care, respect, and attention! My schedule is currently wide open. I'm available for pet care Monday through Friday, any time between 8 am - 8 pm. As for weekends, availability will vary depending on appropriate advanced notice. While our home is not currently open for petsitting, I am willing and able to come to your home for pet care, walks, attention, etc.
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20 years of experience
Rating: 5

I am a girl who loves animals!

I've taken care of dogs of every kind since I was 8. Neighbors, friends and family have relied on me to walk, feed and bathe their pets! I am currently working part time! I am more available during the weekend and weekdays afternoon. I am very flexible with my schedule to meeting with puppies and kitties! I am able to drive to your house! So, I am very flexible with locations. I will be appreciate if you could send me the information with the parking information around your home.
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37 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dogs are the Best!

Anyone would tell you that I'd make sure your dog was taken care above the expectation level you were thinking of! Whatever you ask I'll let you know if I can take care of it properly and accordingly! Depends what the owner wants... I'm available 24/7 in a lot of cases. Just please let me know I'm flexible. I understand eveyone is differnt and can be picky about some or everything! ;) Pet friendly building... they would get plenty of time and more outside if the owner wanted and beyond cared for inside if I were to take overnight... dogs are the best!
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7 years of experience
Rating: 5

What's up dog?

I've had dogs since I was a kid, i had a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Shitzu. I've been relied upon by family to feed, walk and bathe their dogs when they're out of town. I'm currently working part-time as a freelance writer and illustrator. Giving me plenty of extra time in the day to take care of doggies in my neighborhood. I will treat your fur baby as I treat my own. I'll make sure they have water, play with them, and make sure they get their steps in for the day.
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5 years of experience

Its the leash I can do!

Fur momma through and through! I've always been around dogs but lucky enough to care for my own for 5 years now. Friends and family can always count on me to take care of their fur babies. I have experience with dogs with disabilities and senior care. I have a pretty open schedule working from home. I'm up by 10 caring for my own 2 dogs and would love to squeeze in your dogs as well. I'm available morning to night weekdays. I would like like to be contacted ahead of time when it comes to weekends. I would start off our relationship by asking questions and learning about your dogs personality, house rules, care needs & preferences. I will be responsible for standard safety precautions like locking doors, securing gates, leashing, following specific feeding guidelines, etc. I am comfortable with administering medication such as oral pills, but I am not trained with injections. If you have preferred dog walking sites or boundaries, I will make sure to follow as well.If we need to spend time at my home, I live in an elevated first floor unit of an apartment in the Pilsen neighborhood. Open layout, wood floors, fenced in backyard.
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6 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dogs, cats, and hedgehogs, oh my!

I volunteered an at animal shelter for 2 years in Niles, working with cats and dogs. I have a pitbull mix at home named Maggie Mae and a hedgehog named Mujo. I've also cat-sat for family. I currently have a hybrid work schedule but can typically make special arrangements on a case-by-case basis for visits on the days I'm in office (Tuesday & Thursday) if there is a need for that. I will not board any pets in my own home, because my dog is reactive. However, I will be able to provide dogsitting, catsitting, walks, and drop-in appointments.
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15 years of experience
Rating: 5

Dog lover - WFH Lifestyle - Active

I grew up with 2 Pomeranians before I left to college. I was in charge of walking, bathing, feeding, and even training my pups. I am extremely patient with dogs and give them the attention they need. I work from home, so I have a very flexible schedule. I have time throughout the day to spend time with the dogs and take them on frequent walks. I love playing with dogs and making sure they feel comfortable with me. I have a crate available if needed, but I have a large apartment for them to roam freely.
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20 years of experience

No ruff days around here

I've always had dogs ever since I was born. I have loved and taken care of all of them with my whole heart. I've also dog-sat for family and friends many times before. I am currently a full-time student and have a part-time job. This won't stop me from taking care of your furry friends though. I can walk dogs between classes and shifts, including on the weekends. I have dog-sat overnight at clients' houses before. I can talk to you about where your pet and I are or aren't allowed. This makes sure your pet has a great night and you can be away worry-free.
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10 years of experience

Genuine care for your loved ones

I've grown up with dogs for as long as I remember. Now having my own, I understand it can be hard to handle your animal without the help of other. I'm here to help you! My work schedule is unlike most. Tuesday-Thursday are in the afternoons leaving my mornings open. Friday and Saturday are 9-5 like most. However, Monday is wide open! My housing situation is perfect for dogs. The apartment is pet friendly and right next door is a large field where several dogs get together and have a blast.
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15 years of experience


In my childhood, I took care of my own golden retriever, Murphy a (110 lap dog). I have experience with both big and small dogs! I currently working a part-time job and available most weekends and weeknights for dog walking. On Mondays and weekends I am happy to help morning, afternoon, and evenings! I will care for your precious dog as if it were my own! I have a big love for animals and a lot of patience.
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2 years of experience
Rating: 5

I love dogs with all my heart.

I'm in college far away from my puppy. I miss her so much. I have experience walking her, and I've sat for family and friends. I am a college student, so my schedule will sometimes be packed. I don't have classes on Fridays. I am also free on the weekends. I love to play with them, feeding them, I always let him/her come to me first just to let them know they can trust me.
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4 years of experience

Flexible, Fun and Pet Lover!

I've taken care of many breeds of dogs since I was college. Families and friends have relied on me to take care of their pets frequently. I have experience in puppies and senior dogs. My schedule is quite flexible. I'm available for pet care, walks or dog sitting. Monday through Friday, any time between 8 am - 8 pm. As for weekends, availability will vary depending on appropriate advanced notice. I am able to care ...
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8 years of experience

You're tired, let me walk the dog!

For the past 7 years, clients, friends and colleagues have trusted me to care for their pets. I would love to care for your pooch today! I'm currently working at a pet care facility and training as a vet tech. I am available typically during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2pm (5pm) I have a closed in fence at my home. I personally don't kennel or crate dogs unless needed for a behavioral break ...
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15 years of experience

Reliable, Trustworthy, and Loving!

I've cared for both dogs and cats for the majority of my life. I grew up in a house with three dogs, often taking on a majority of the responsibilities. As a current cat mom, I understand how important it is to find reliable and loving care for your pets. With that being said, I can ensure your pup/cat will be in great hands :) I currently have a part-time job during the mornings. I will have plenty of time to play and care for your pups! Due to my flexible schedule, I can work with you to meet both you and your pets needs. Your pet's safety and well-being is my number one priority. You can expect regular updates and communication on my end. I will work with you to establish and maintain expectation!!
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In conclusion, finding the best dog walker in Chicago for your furry companion is important for their health and happiness. However, it's also important to ensure that your pet receives quality medical care.

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