Vet Care of the 21st Century

We deliver the best veterinary healthcare experience for pets, pet parents, and vet care providers.

We offer urgent care

With BetterVet, you can schedule a same-day appointment and video call your vet when you need to. We know how hard it can be to concentrate when you are worried about your little friend. That’s why we are always one tap away.

We’re a truly mobile veterinary service

Just as you expect your services to come to you, we believe the future of vet care is mobile. Not only is this possible with today’s technology, but also virtual consultations and home calls are better for your pet. They lower your pet’s stress, reduce exposure to infectious diseases, and improve accuracy in diagnosis.

How are we different?

Our founders envisioned a different, better veterinary experience with doctors and nurses who are empowered to treat pets and parents like family. We do that by uniting compassion, convenience, transparency, and technology into the BetterVet care experience.

Commitment to Excellence

We dedicate ourselves to constantly improving the client and patient experience. Always.

Tech-enabled Veterinary Care

We equip our teams with the most modern technology to bring true convenience and transparency. From smart vet-tech to our state-of-the-art app, technology enables us to deliver on the best veterinary care experience.

Compassionate Teams

All of our veterinarians and nurses are passionate about what they do and are committed to providing the best possible vet care experience. Meet our BetterVet team

At BetterVet, we believe that pets are family. And as family, they deserve the same kind of treatment as one of us. In fact, when we say family, we mean you, your pet, our vets and our nurses. This is our BetterVet family.